Friday, March 16, 2007

Great Art

These are wearable sculptures by the
artist Nick Cave. I've just discovered
his work via some images found in an Art
in America from last fall....
This series of works are his "Sound Suits" and
he's gaining a lot of well-deserved recognition
for them. I found these images at
Jack Shainman Gallery from his October
2006 exhibit....

Just look at that gorgeous, HUGE thing!
As Nick Cave is primarily a performance
artist, these sculptures fall into the realm
of wearable, costume design. They are
made to rattle and hum with the wearer's

Another brilliant piece of sculpture. I LOVE
the magical realism element of this work.

This one is the Flower Sound Suit.
These constructions evoke a dark mardi gras....
It must be wonderful to wear one of these and to dance.....
I would do it in a hearbeat.

Read more about Nick Cave and see more images
of the Sound Suits at MOCA Jacksonville.

I couldn't leave you without another orchid note.
'Volcano Queen' and her second blossom for me.
Don't they look like little flames?


bugheart said...

i have always
been a fan
of nick cave
i had no idea
he did art pieces
like this...
i am floored!

Eero said...

This Nick Cave is an African American dancer/artist---not the Nick Cave singer-musician we know and love....
Different artist, completely.

johnny said...

Damn!! Who would've thought....Nick Cave: Rock star and clothing designer....Just never know...I t goes to confirm what I have always thought, that art, or for that matter...your identity, can always be reinvented...Way to go Nick...
It is very grey today, here in N.C.--very Seattle, so it was nice to see yer or-kid...

Eero said...

Like I said---NOT the same Nick Cave! This guy is a dancer turned designer....
NOT the Nick Cave who sings dark ballads....