Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Holy Experience....

I went to my first real orchid grower in Volcano, HI---
Akatsuka Orchid Gardens. As you can see, this was a
HUGE greenhouse with thousands of orchids. I wandered
around, enthralled, so excited! I've never been in the
presence of so many orchids. I felt like I was in a cathedral--
it was kind of a religeous experience!

I was hoping that I would find a Bulbophyllum Medusae,
but alas, they don't grow them.

I did find an Epidendrum, "Volcano Queen," which
I fell in love with.....I've never seen anything like it.
I bought it in bud, so I shall enjoy the blossoms here
in another couple of weeks. It's comfortably
tucked into my orchid shelves and seems happy
with the new environment.....

This was a real treat---vandas hung on a growing
platform. Some of these plants must have been 6'
from blossom to root tip.
I had an immediate fantasy about laying a bed under
these vandas and spending the night under their
reaching roots.

Here's a sexy Masdevallia----didn't note the variety,
I'm afraid.

Not orchid related, but nifty, nonetheless......
Another example of illegible text to add to my growing
collection of images. I get such a kick out of this!
I see this as a lost message.... I must post more images
for you to understand why I find broken text
so fascinating.

I love the push and pull it plays on the mind when
one tries to read it and absolutely can't.....


ms. pea said...

Wow. I can see why it felt religious. The idea of sleeping under the roots is beautiful and a little terrifying!

Lillian said...

I'm coveting your visit. Still working up the initiative to head down to the flower growers in Seattle - near the old Cornish studios...