Thursday, March 15, 2007

Painting update....and a blossom!

This painting cruised along so fast, I felt like I was
just along for the ride! I am really pleased with the
way it's turning out. There are just a few more
finishing touches to put on it. I still don't have
a title for it yet, though. Well, that's not entirely true.
I have a title...I think people with think it's too
simple and direct and.....I'm afraid it'll sound stupid.

My title for this painting is, "Decisions."

Here are the 'decisions' themselves. See how each
leaf shape represents an experience, and one experience
is always inextricably connected to many others of
its like? See how we must weave our knowledge and
experience into thoughts and actions that propel
us forward into new things and change?

Decisions come out of balancing many experiences,
thoughts, and priorities....some more
crucial and important than others......

And to leave you with a lighter image....
The new Epidendrum I bought in Hawaii is
blooming! Meet "Volcano Queen," the sassiest
new critter in my collection. This flower is only
one inch in diameter. There are 7 buds on the
plant now. At Akatsuka Gardens, I saw an
older, mature version of this orchid that
had 50 blossoms on it. I fell instantly in love.


Philip said...

Like your new painting and the explanation!

bike&beer said...

oh my, how beeeeauuutiful!!!! i love the color!

bugheart said...

i love
the new piece!
how perfect.