Sunday, March 04, 2007

Posting, after long absence and much frustration...

I've been wrestling with Picasa and Flickr, trying to
find a new method for posting multiple images without no avail. How do you do it, fellow bloggers?
Please let me know...
I've resorted to just uploading images directly from
my computer.....tedious.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff.
Fromage and I went to Seattle and Hawaii in February.

Seattle: to see Joe Shlichta's opening at the Ballard
Fetherston Gallery, see friends, decompress on our
journey to the tropics.

Hawaii: need I list reasons? Snorkeling, sunlight,
green, living things, birds, flowers.....

The picture above was the North building for my
alma mater, Cornish College of the Arts. Cornish has
since moved all it's facilities and this building is now a
children's school. I went in, signed in at the office,
explained my presence as a nostalgic Cornish alumni,
and they let me wander around the building.

I confess, I got kind of choked up while looking through
the halls and classrooms....
So many memories....
It was a totally different time and life for me....
The four days in Seattle was a bit of a time warp
for me....familiar faces and places...lots of change,
yet none at all. Very interesting....
I lived there for 6 years.

Another treat in Seattle was thrift store shopping with
miss bugheart.
A more thorough thrifter shall never be found.....
She found loads of stuff, of course!
I was restraining myself as I was living out of a
backpack for 2 weeks. I did find a lovely light
coat that reconfirms just how great I look in
chocolate brown.

And yet a third treat....
Spending time with my old friend, roommate and
partner in crime, John Shlichta.....
aka, Johnny Sidecar, Johnny Sparkles, Juan de Fuca......

He actually did a quick pose for this image....standing
in front of one of Joe's paintings at the opening.....

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Carson said...

I'm so glad your photos are working again at last!
And fun to see super-thrifter Gwen in an 'action shot' ;)