Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Day in the Life of Eero...

April 6, 2007....waking up at 6:00 am, sun
rising over the ridge. I think we're up to
15 hours of daylight here at the
64th parallel...

Work at the greenhouse. 780 retail flower
baskets, porch pots and urns have been made
and we're shifting work to making close to
650 custom baskets over the next 2 weeks.....

Not pictured: Leaving work and frantically
cleaning all of the dirt off to head out to the
First Friday gallery openings where I have
pieces in 2 group shows.

At The Annex, talking with Diedre about
this oldie but goodie painting I put in for the
"Distillate" exhibit. I really hate it when
artists show old work---and here I am
doing just that! This painting is from 1992,
but it is the only work I had in my stacks
on short notice that was exactly 36"x24".
No one knows that I can paint like this,
so it was fun to surprise them.....

After doing First Friday, it's drinks with friends:
Boy Aaron and Girl Erin, recently married.

And me? Many friends went out dancing---
I went home to a cranky geriatric cat and much
needed sleep.


Carson said...

Well I'm sure your cat appreciated it :)

bugheart said...

love the

Lili of the Valley said...

Weird! I think this is the first photo of you where I would say, "Hey! We look related!"

I'm sure the Floofer appreciated your return