Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Hats are seen, at last

Remember all of my posts about my birch bark hats?
They've FINALLY been accepted into a show, albeit
local and small and a little heavy on the kitchy crafty:
"Interior Artisans XXII" at the Bear Gallery, up for
the month of April.
Sadly, no awards for me in this juried show. Yes,
even though it's a small exhibit and not an 'important'
gallery---I still wanted to have the recognition of
an award!

Picture above: saw these two women looking at my
hats and talking about them.....

Then caught one of them trying to peer under
the Medallion Hat to see the secrets of it's

Then caught them BOTH gettting a closer look.
This is funny---but also great for me as the artist.
They're really curious! They're examining,
they're interested.

Much like my painting at the Annex in the previous
post, these hats are unlike anything that local
art-viewers have seen me do. Some friends I spoke
with at the openings were really surprised that my
name was on these pieces.

Heh, heh...I feel like a sneaky artist.
I love to make all kinds of stuff....

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bugheart said...

to see people
with your art.