Saturday, May 05, 2007

The "9 North" art exhibit opening

Here is a shot of the gallery---beautfully lit! In the
foreground left is a standing sculpture by Tlingit
artist Da-ka-xeen Mehner. On the right, the blue-gold
painting is one of my own, "Bowl, Bird, Bone" 24"x30"
mixed media and gold leaf on birch board.

I am happy to report that there were no last minute
emergencies, no calamities and no disasters!

The opening in full swing. To be honest, the turnout
wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I wish I'd done some
advertising of my own, rather than rely on the gallery
doing it. I wanted a BIG opening. Also, it was
really hot in the gallery---about 75-80 degrees! The
building has no AC...sadly, visitors didn't stay for
long because the heat was really uncomfortable.

Later, Fromage and I went to another gallery in town where
there was wine, open doors with fresh air and a raging
opening night party for the MFA thesis exhibit of
Ian Burcroff.

I realized that 9 North had stiff competition for visitors!
There were 2 other really good shows opening last night
as well as the seasonal opening of a fun and crazy bar,
the Howling Dog Saloon. (This is a BIG DEAL in small
town Alaska.....)
I think I'll still contact the newspaper and see if I can
get a small write up on the show. Also, I am going
to make some flyers and small posters just to generate
more visitors and viewers over the next month that the
show is up.

Another somewhat sad one really knew that
I was the curator for the exhibit.

Two artists in the show: Da-ka-xeen Mehner and Tina Shih.
Da-ka sold one of his free standing sculptures. Tina
told me that she was really impressed with the show and
admired my organizational ability as well as my positive,
energetic focus on art and art business. Thanks, Tina!

As artists, we all want feedback on our art. It's really something
to also get some (positive!) feedback on our outlook and presence
as an artist...our personal efforts.

And finally,
here I am with my painting "Harvest," 48"x48"
mixed media and gold leaf on birch board.

All told, the exhibit is a success. I still feel a little
let down, to tell you the truth. I did want more from
the opening....more people, more sales, more conversation.

Still---this exhibit is an excellent blueprint for my
next curating efforts: The Bones Show, October 2007
at Well Street Art Company. 50 Artists from all over
Alaska! Gonna be a lot of work, but fun, too.....

After the finish of a big project like 9 North, I am looking
at....What Next?

The Bones Show
My solo exhibit in November

and maybe some gardening somewhere in there.....


bike&beer said...

congratulations! it looks beautiful, and even though you didn't get as many people as you hoped, i am sure it was a nice crowd and you got satisfaction from your efforts. and you have so much coming up, gosh... good luck with all that!

Lillian said...

How wonderful for you! It's such a wonderful thing to hear about & see photos of - thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't join you this time around.

ms. pea said...


painter girl said...

The show looks great. I think Harvest is a beautiful painting. I love the feeling of light and air. I wish I could see it in person.
Penland is such a simply magical place and every time I go I feel like I am home. If you have any questions at all let me know.

bugheart said...

i am so sorry
the show
was a let down...
it lookks fabulous
you should be
for pulling it
all together
putting work in it!
advertising and
timing is
always tricky...
i think it's a great
idea to organize
witht the paper.

Anonymous said...

HEY....You worked really hard and finished what you said you would...and did it well I am sure....So, think of it as more experience for next time...Also you have the added advantage of curating, AND contributing work....not alot of artists..that I know do both, so congratulate yerself on the knowledge you've obtained....Honestly, I must have missed that piece of info, so I was really impressed to find out you were currating too!!! GO GETT'EM!!

j. sparkles

Juan Bielsa said...

Very elegant and beautiful exhibition, as far as I can see. The "spirit" that you transmit is very creative and contemporary, even irreverent in some questions (but still elegant). I like that.

You also have definite concepts about what you want to do (and where you want to go)with your art. At least I can perceive that.

Juan Bielsa

Jen said...

It is a beautiful show! I wasn't able to get to the opening due to a sick kid and was sad about that. But today during a school field trip I snuck up briefly to check it out. The pieces were all very strong and the show absolutely radiates strength. I'll be going back for another looksee.

Anonymous said...

E, I don't often write comments to you since I live with you, but this seemed a good time. Your show was a successs. It raised the bar for shows in Fairbanks. Every contribution was worthy, though I agree some art did not show as strongly as the whole, it was overall a powerfull show. I overheard more than once that this was the best show in this gallery. I agree. Better than any of the jurried shows. Now everyone can see what I think, and we all seem to agree: Good job. No denying it now sweetie.
Love, F

Philip said...

Congratulations. It looks just great to me and it's nice to see your work on show.