Monday, May 21, 2007


Just have to post about this flower.....

My Oriental Lily, "Aruba." HUGE blossoms---this one is
about 8" across. It has this fascinating fragrance that is
something like vanilla, cinnamon and......heaven? It 'breathes'
more of it's scent in the cool of evening. I've had this lily for
4 years now, carefully overwintering it in a pot in a +40F
environment for 5 of the winter months. (I'm sure the
bulbs are the size of footballs by now...) Every year, it
comes back stronger and bigger. Yay! This year, there are
three stalks, 14 blossoms opening in slow succession and
the stalks are 6' tall....I kid you not.
It's just sooooo beautiful. I'm having a dinner party in a
couple of days so a few friends can witness it's lovliness.

I'm spending my days getting ready for my trip to Penland.
My job is over for now, so I am packing, cleaning house
and making wild concoctions for Fromage's dinner.
Above is a picture of Pad Po Tak, a Thai dish I made
with ginger, garlic, lemon grass, scallops, shrimp, mussels
and cod. It was fu*&ing great! I LOOOOOOOVE shellfish.

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