Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Madness ensues.....

Here is the red painting, titled, "Red Year" which gave
me no end of headaches---had to do ALL of the gold leaf
work twice over...I hate wasting precious materials like
The painting is based on the viewpoint of many decisions
made over a specific period of time, and how I can
visually represent that. It's also about how we (I) tend
to work out the same problems/decicisons in my head
so, so many times.....with very little differing result.
This painting can be hung like this, or turned sideways
so that the channel between the 'decisions' is vertical
instead of horizontal. The benefits of working somwhat
I don't think this is the strongest painting in the exhibit,
by far. Of all of the paintings I put in the show, this one
is probably the weakest. Still, it's hot red and gold and
packs a good visual wallop....

I haven't posted lately because I've been madly preparing
for my exhibit "9 North: Multimedia Alaskan Perspectives"
which opens this Friday evening. I've been working on this
show for a year and a half---first inviting all of the various
artists, then making a portfolio with all necessary documents
for the Arts Association portfolio review, then collecting
all required info. from the artists, answering questions,
relaying information, etc. to get this show together. I had
to make sure everyone knew what was expected of them,
knew when anything and everything was due, etc.

All of the artists I'm working with are wonderful
professionals and ALL sent their work in on time! I spent
the day arranging and hanging the show with the
help of Igor Pasternak, fellow artist and gallery assistant.
(Never have I seen anyone hang art so quickly with such

Here is a shot of the entrance to the gallery in the
starting phase of organizing the show---stuff everywhere,
lights askew, and pedestals helter-skelter from the last
exhibit which just came down.

This evening, I left the gallery looking like this---
arranged, neat and tidy. The aim in putting together
any exhibit is to make sure that each piece of art can
have it's own visual space so that it keeps it's own voice
and unique presence without being croweded or
overshadowed by other work.

You can't put two paintings that look similar next to each other,
even if they're by different people....

You can't put all the various red paintings on one wall....

You can't put all the big stuff on one side and the small
stuff on the ALL has to balance.

Tricky business.

I'm feeling very relieved, although there is still work
to be done...paperwork, etc. I feel like I'm over the
biggest hurdle and relative to other exhibits, it's all gone
very smoothly.

The next challenge inherent in a show like this is making
sure that all the involved artists are happy. This is even
trickier business, because each person wants their work
to have the best placement. Not always possible. I'll be
sending pictures of the show to all of the artists that
can't see it themselves----hope they like what they see.....

In any event.....

The art is up.
The postcards are sent.
The statement is written.

I'm drinking beer.

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Deanna said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, New American Paintings - good luck to us both! Congratulations on your show, too. I'm curating/organizing a show as well and am a little frustrated because two of the artists flaked out. I'll be blogging about it soon.
Love your work!