Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Ruby, 25 Years, Fifty Dollars and a Happy Mother

When I was ten, my Mom lost a ruby from one of her rings.
She realized it was gone while she was at work. She called
home and told my sister and I that if we searched the house
for it, she would give $25.00 to whomever found it. (BIG
money for a ten year old!) We searched and searched and
searched the house! While we did this, my mom turned
over her office looking for the missing gem. She then
realized that she'd stopped at the post office on her way
to work, so she went there and looked at every square inch
of floor.
While my sister was scouring the living room and looking
under every cushion on every piece of furniture, I
looked in our mom's bedroom. I jumped on the bed
to look through the blankets and something bounced---
picking it up, I thought it was an apple seed. Then my
ten-year-old's mind registered that my mom never
at was the ruby! I won the $25.00 and my
sister was pissed.

But the story doesn't end there.

Four days ago, I was cleaning up the top soil on one of
my potted Dahlias. Something small glinted in the light
and picking it up, I found a small red gem....thinking it
was plastic, I set it aside on the deck to look at later.
I continued gardening, my mind ticking over this little,
bright thing I'd found in the dirt....and didn't it look just
like an apple seed?

I went back, collected the gem and called my mom.
"Remember when you lost your ruby?" I asked.
"Is there any chance you've lost one again?"
To our mutual amazement, she HAD lost the ruby---again---
and I'd found it---again!

She told me that she'd been in the garage this winter and had
accidentally hit her ring on the edge of the counter, shearing
off the entire setting. (My sensitive perennials, including 3 big
dahlia pots were overintering in there...) She told me that she
was sick to have damaged the ring because it was one of her
favorites and that my father had given it to her.

She was totally thrilled that I'd found the ruby. My sister
and I met up at mom's house to make the exchange....

One ruby for another $25.00 check! I said that
I didn't need it this time around, but I'd accept it for
the beauty of coincidence and symmetry!

My mom holding the ruby.
(See where I got my hard-working little gorilla hands?)


bugheart said...

what a great
hooray for
your eagle eyes.
i am gonna
call you
from now on!

Carson said...

No way!
What are the chances?
Great story
love that you got another $25, that cracks me up :)

Jill said...

That is a great story. Maybe it's the kind of loose gem that can be passed down through the generations.

sarah said...

I love this story! What an amazing coincidence, oh that's right there are no coincidences!

ms. pea said...

Wow! I hope you bought a lottery ticket the same day.