Thursday, May 24, 2007

Packing up, flying away...

Here's Oblio enjoying the mess of my stuff to take.....

Getting packed for my trip to Penland. It's strange...
I can usually pack very easily for a three week trip
and tuck everything into a small light!
I only take the small backpack---easy to carry. I've
learned one thing from traveling from AK to anywhere
else in the world: If I check luggage, I lose luggage.

This time, it's proving to be more difficult to pack light.
I'll be in school, but in a rugged setting. I'll be in dorms, but
there is no laundry. How much should I really bring
for only 2 weeks? The biggest dilemna is shoes. I want
to bring far too many pairs....
I always travel with my hiking boots. They aren't the
lightest footwear, or the most attractive, but they are,
by far, the most practical.

I keep thinking of the story Bugheart told me about
being in D.C.'s National Airport when the Twin Towers
were hit by the first plane and the panic that ensued.
A few thousand people running and screaming through
the airport, no one knowing where to go or what to do.
Fucking scary.
Knowing Bugheart, I bet she kept a cool head.

I think of that story everytime I travel, now.
I think: If I need to run, I can't be wearing my slippery
little Danskos....I gotta have my hiking boots and be
prepared for anything. They're hell to deal with at the
security checkpoints---all that unlacing!

If you recall, I did a post about traveling to Seattle and
Hawaii several months back. I had the same dilemna:
hiking boots or no hiking boots?
Several readers weighed in on the 'nay' side---but
I brought them anyway, and was so glad I did. We
walked miles in Seattle and my feet would've killed
me in any other shoes.....

I had a dinner party last night....just wanted to hang out
with friends before I left. Also, it was the only way to
force myself to do some major spring cleaning....knowing
that people would actually see my house.
I also drank a couple of strong head is a little
groggy and I have so much to do today!

I hope to post from Penland.....there'll be computers I can

I'll close with this image of my most recent painting,
"Bowl, Bird, Bone."
Getting back to using recognizable imagry! Fun!


bike&beer said...

have you considered shipping some stuff? some people do it and it's a lot more reliable than checking luggage. maybe it's too expensive if you don't ship ground and days in advance though. hmmm... well, have fun at penland!

Eero said...

Yes---shipped all of my art supplies earlier this week. Wish I'd thought to include a few other things in that box...

painter girl said...

Have a wonderful trip to Penland!
I hope that you have a creatively blessed time to make art.
Take the boots! Lots of hiking and walking to do and if it rains you will be glad you have them.
I love the new one! Beautiful.

Philip said...

Lovely painting - very soulful!

Have a great trip!

shawnkielty said...

If I had to choose one pair of shoes they would be my hiking boots.

Have fun and make some art!

Lillian said...

Hey there - not sure you're still at Penland. Happy to hear you made it!

Thinking of you!