Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taking a step back from the art....

Let's talk about something other than art for a post, shall we? I've been going on and on and on about art and the exhibit and all of it for ages....so....
taking a step back, or rather, out.....

The photo above---proof that some kind of spring time is trying to happen here! The temperatures are fighting it. I don't think we've had a day over +50F in a week. See the faint green on the Aspen trees?

My Plumeria stick is enjoying the longer daylight---it's begun this strange, insectile unfolding of membraneous little....leaves? This stick creeps Fromage out. It's VERY phallic....in a green, sticky, alien way....
Me---I find it totally exciting....in the botanical sense of the word! I got it in Hawaii and have two growing---one yellow, one pink....at least, the promised blossoms will be.
Strange, sticky alien stubs...soooo cool.

Other good news is the continued good health and arrogant demeanor of Oblio. He's 17(?) and still holding his own. Big news---he caught and ate a mouse last week! Go big guy! At a recent vet visit, we weighed him and he's gained 2 ounces. Here he is, lounging in regal splendor on my pillow.

And Moi, portrait in the style of Dirt Diva. I love looking at
her blog---she posts everyday and is one fun, thrilling lady.
Best of luck on the PCT to her!

I wish I were doing something as adventurous. I am still mulling over
my non-grabbing-life-by-the-balls status.....or, perceived status, that is.

As you may recall, next on my list of projects (a long one, trust me)
is going to Penland School of Arts and Crafts in North Carolina.
So exciting!
I'll be surrounded by arty-crafty folks for two weeks!
I've never gone on a trip to take a class/residency like this.
I expect it'll be about a hundred times more
interesting and amazing than I can imagine.
My old college friend and collaborator in life and art,
Johnny, just finished his two month residency in
metalsmithing there.

One really exciting point---it will get dark at night there. In summer here, it's light for about two and a half months, since we're just 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Dark summer nights....what a treat! Someone told me that there may be fireflies.....never seen one.
Thrills will abound....


ms. pea said...

There will be dark nights, and fireflies, and more wholesome mountain fun than you can imagine!

PS - can I join the Oblio fan club?

bugheart said...

i am so glad
oblio is okay!

so excited
{and jealous}
for you going
to penland!

Carson said...

I'm amazed Plumerias can grow so far north! They're such a hardy species.
Anyhoo...consider yerself tagged there lil' missy! ;)