Friday, June 22, 2007

Cycling keeps me sane...

June 22: 27 miles

My bike on the banks of the Tanana River near my house.

Since returning from Penland, I've been in a total funk.
The whole experience there really stirred my head, heart,
and soul around. I've been needing some kind of device
to re-orient myself, and it turns out cycling is it. I'm finally
getting some peace and sense of equilibrium when I'm
out tooling around the countryside.

While I'm at building up all these miles and hours of
riding, I've decided to take care of a couple of things
I've always wanted to do....


Bicycle touring. Check.
Next month, a full century ride---100 miles....(probably
late next month....)

The studio? ---Ignoring it.
Unfinished projects? ---Pretending they don't exist.

For now---a lot of riding and thinking.


Riverlark said...

Eero, Penland should offer decompression classes at the end of each session. I don't have much good advice, but I think what we're feeling has to be normal. I'm a little more functional this time around but only because I'm insisting on it. I lost 4 weeks the first time I came home from Penland.
Happy Anniversary to you and Fromage!

BookGirl said...

E, I empathize. During my first week back, I was a zombie -- completely zoned out and lethargic. This week has been better, but I'm still having a difficult time motivating myself to do much of anything. Good for you for getting out and about on your bike! Doing is the best medicine.