Friday, June 29, 2007

Mileage, Friday...

Hardly readable in this photo, but the sign says
"Dog Team Crossing."

So Alaskan...

Mileage on the bicycle today: 36 miles! My personal best
so far. I am learning a few things very quickly, however,
as these rides get longer.....

1. The big, knobby mountain bike tires are more
hindrance than help.

2. I want a roadbike!

3. Alaskan roads suck---they are all chip seal and
broken pavement. I knew that, if course...but after 20 miles,
it really hits the most sincere sense.

And now, beer and food at my friend Leslie's cabin...
I think I could eat an entire moose.

First, Fromage and I will do a little bike shopping.
It's handy to have a resident expert in all things cycling...

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