Saturday, June 16, 2007

Penland, last story....

Favorite tree, in front of Lily Loom....

Loved all the art and artifacts everywhere in the landscape....

The marks of artists were everywhere.

Farewell, Penland! Back to real life!

I was in my studio this morning, looking at my plan for
the rest of the year---some paperwork I'd organized before
I left for NC around mid May. Suddenly realized I have
about 30 artworks to get done in the next three months for
four big exhibits.

Enough nostalgia---get my ass in the studio and get to work!


pat van horn said...

hi elizabeth - this is pat "mohawk-girl" van horn...thank you so much for such beautiful images of penland. i have really enjoyed your blog. i hate to admit that i am a bit "ignorant" of the ways of blogging and getting stuff posted..i know that sounds lame..i just have not taken the time to learn and do.

so much for that. just wanted you to know there is a kindred soul here in ct, missing penland some days so much it hurts. i feel so isolated. perhaps this is a good way to stay connected to a small part of that creative vibe.

ope we meet in nc again!! much love and radiance. pat

Eero said...

I love you Pat!