Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Penland Report Prequel: Getting Home

Two Elizabeths at the Asheville, NC airport for seven hours!!!

I had a fantastic time at Penland. I'm going to do a series of blog posts describing my two week session there. This post is a pre-quel, however, as the trip home was something of a torturous adventure.....

I had a very carefully planned itinerary to get home to AK from NC---three flights with short layovers, all very carefully planned and choreographed. Unfortunately, this plan was destroyed at the very outset by the continued delay and final cancellation of my very first flight. Elizabeth Belz and I were sent to a hotel with a $7.00 meal voucher...regardless of the fact that I was stuck there for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Eliz B. and I (matching Asolo boots and all) went to a Holiday Inn and fell asleep watching one of the newer Star Wars movies....such is the exciting night life of artists lost in transit...

I'm glad I got to hang out with her, airport limbo and all....she's an amazing woman.

Here's a shot I did ala Paul Clements----6am coffee by the pool at the Hotel. I felt jet lagged before even being able to get on a plane....

Finally made it to Seattle around 5pm on the 11th, 17 hours
after I was supposed to have arrived home. Had to wait for a plane whose
ETD was 9:20, but delayed until actual take-off until 10pm
because of a light that wouldn't go out on the dashboard---
according to the pilot......(not confidence-inspiring...)
It being NC time for my tired self, I was desperate to get some sleep,
feeling like it was around 3am.

Seattle airport....the interminable limbo of multiple
delayed, re-scheduled and cancelled flights.

To end the tale, it took me 36 hours to get home, and I
arrived exactly 25 hours later than I was supposed to.

Today? Sleeping! Drinking tea! And telling Fromage endless
tales about Penland and my great time there.

Next post: art, friends and life on Magic Mountain.


ms. pea said...

ouch. those airport photos are making me tired and hungry. i'm glad you're home and had a great time!

bugheart said...

what a nightmare...
oh the joys of
glad you had
a fantastic time
{knew you would}

Anonymous said...

I feel for you but at least you made it home. This is Amanda Newman from Florida. We dove 3 hrs the first night Sat and crashed we were so tired. We then drove 10-11 hrs the next day in oreder to sleep in our own beds that night and agin we just got home and fell asleep. Please feel free to e-mail me and I will send some pics that either my mom or I took.
love you and it was great to meet you please keep in touch maybe I will come and visit you in Alaska someday. xoxoxoxoxo