Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Penland Stories: #1

I was at Penland in North Carolina for two weeks to take
Laura Wait's Artist's Bookmaking class. Unlike most books
classes, Laura approached the process from a content standpoint,
not structure. We did learn several types of bindings, but
first made a series of paintings that were cut up and further
embellished and decorated before making into book pages.

I fucking loved every minute of it.

I loved every minute of Penland.

It was kind of a fantasy come true for me: I have always
wanted to find a place where I could make things with other
creative aritsts and craftspeople---a place where the pretentious,
competitive bullshit of the general art world didn't intrude.

I've always wanted to find a place where I would be one of a
group of artists that were just happy to make neat stuff. It was

I knew I would cry my eyes out when I left...and I did.
I also cried on the plane from Alanta to Seattle and again when I
got home, and again yesterday.....
so, needless to say, I miss Penland.

Not that I wasn't warned---I've been told about Penland withdrawal...

Above is a photo of my books class. I'd set the camera on a delay timer
which beeps a lot and my classmates heard it....hence the waving.

Books made by my talented classmates---all of whom were
well-versed in the arts of bookbinding. Very inspiring.

I can't say enough about the great people I met! Here is
Elizabeth Belz, Pat Van Horn and Abby Gitlitz. In order:
Iron worker, Hat designer and Glass artist.

My dorm mate and friend Amber who was in the
Iron sculpture class. A talented artist, wickedly
funny, and a deep, kind soul as well. Every conversation
with her was a gold mine.


Riverlark said...

Hi Eero,
I loved your pictures. I never thought to photo my letterbox before I planted it!...glad you took one for me.
My boxes just arrived today from I guess it's time to unpack and face reality.

Eero said...

Ugh! Reality! Take me back to Penland!!!

bugheart said...

sounds amazing...
can't wait to
see what you made!