Thursday, June 14, 2007

Penland Stories #2: People

Leeanna Laliberte on the loom in the weaving studio. Incredibly
talented designer and great to talk to. She is one of those artists
that in talking to them about their life and work, you know they
are going places and will to do great things. She has heart, talent,
drive and focus. Very inspiring.

Possibly my favorite experience of Penland was the people
I met and new friends I made....

Amber Straus and Ben. Both were taking the Iron
sculpture class. Ben is an ironworker/blacksmith for a living...
lucky bastard.
(I gotta find some kind of creative/art job or I am going to go crazy.....)

My very favorite picture of Paul Clements. A glass
blower/artist who does incredibly beautiful work!
At Penland he took the wood sculpture class and played
with chainsaws.....and did incredibly beautiful work.

Jillian Ludwig, whom I began to think of as my little sister.
(Hope you don't mind, J!) She and I had great talks
about art, life and boys.....
Getting her MFA in drawing, the description she gave of
her current work was fascinating. This picture documents
her LOVE of cocoa puffs....

And a word to my P'land friends reading this:
Get your art out on the web, damn it! I can't find any of you to link to!

Keep in touch, readers! Click on the 'comments' dohicky below and say hi.........

1 comment:

bugheart said...

just something
about penland...
the food,
the water,
the air...
i dunno
but it makes
for fast friends!
love hearing
your stay...
next year
i gotta go back
to penland!