Friday, June 15, 2007

Penland Stories #3: Places

The Craft House at night. One of the most beautiful
and thrilling things about being at Penland were the
warm, dark nights. I live 200 miles South of the Arctic
Circle, which means very long, dark, cold winters and
brief, intense summers with 2+ months of unremitting

Dark warm nights! What an exotic treat!

I would go for walks every evening---sometimes out into the
fields and roads around Penland, sometimes to the other
studios to visit friends and see what everyone else was
working on. My favorite nights were ended with a
nightcap on the deck of the Wood studio with Jacob and

The most magical night, I walked down along the
lower road, through the field. As I headed up the
paved entrance road back to campus in the dark,
I saw candlelight and heard laughter by the side
of the road. Approaching, I saw it was someone's
dinner party and I recognized a fellow student. Calling
out his name surprised him, I think, my voice coming
from out of the darkness. I joined the party, drank
wine and talked about life, art....drank a little
whiskey and talked more. We walked back to campus
together....a night like that, I wanted to just stay
up until dawn, enjoying every moment....

Night walks....
I loved them.

I won't see another dark night until late July....

Outside the Pines...Laura, Michelle and Jill.

The iron studio at night.

The Pines in the morning mist.

I'm at home right now, it's pissing down rain and barely +50F

What better reason to spend the rest of my day in the studio....


bugheart said...

so beautiful
wish i was
not here.

BookGirl said...

E, such wonderful photos. They and your words take me back. Thanks.