Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pleistocene to Gigabytes

When I returned my Mom's ruby, she gave me
several boxes that had been in her storage shed
since about 1990....my collection of bones!

Many may not know this about me, but I was

this close

to becoming a paleontologist. In fact, handling
these babies still gets my blood moving. I LOVE
fossils. I love bones. Truthfully, though, I also love
drawing and painting images of them.
became an artist.

The bones in the image above are Pleistocene era
Bison with a few contemporary moose fragments thrown in.
I had thought these lost for several years, not knowing
where they'd gotten moved to. Having them back is
a reconnection with the teenage me, scrabbling around
in the abandoned mining cliffs where these fossils could
be dug up.

Bison skull from a very old, mature animal. The skull
fractures have totally grown together and the horns
must have been massive. This guy weighs about 13 lbs.,
incomplete as it is.

And to step about 30,000 years ahead to NOW...
Introducing my newest, sexiest bit of hardware!
My new (used) laptop. Yay!
Finally, no more fighting over the computer with Fromage.
Given all my work with grant applications, show organizing,
artwork organizing, image-tinkering and general stuff...I
needed this.

Let me end with a little Art Crime, shall I?
Look what I found at a local Mexican restaurant.

A Frida Kahlo imitation!
This has got to be illegal.

The travesty lies in the fact that her work was
so personal, so private---especially her self-portraits.
I bet she is rolling over in her Trotskyite grave.
The painting was one of those mass produced
things....no subtlety. No respect!
Urgh! Made me angry. Some things are


bike&beer said...

wow. i really think we gota meet sometime, eero. i almost became an archaelogist myself. and i was between biology and history at one time... i don't know, somehow i think we have a lot in common! i suppose bugheart would be the one who could opine on that ;-)
great postings on penland!

Carson said...

oh,you sooo need your own laptop, eero!
Glad you've got your own now :)

And the kayaking photos are amazing too. I'd love to experience a bit of that right now..even half an hour would do it:)