Monday, July 09, 2007

60 Miles

Here's a nifty thing that I've ridden by before...
some folks are remodeling this old aircraft into
a living space. The hum of a generator was audible
as I cycled by. A new twist on the Alaskan owner-built

This is actually one of my secret dreams---to live
in an old plane.... but something bigger and older,
like this...

which is a troop carrier from WWII called a Curtiss C-46D.
My plane would have to be pretty roomy, definitely
old, and still have the wings and props intact. That way,
I could have tea parties out on the wings and plant
trailing vines from the engine housings. Also, with a
larger fuselage, I would have room to build an art studio
space, as well as a real kitchen/galley and a plant room. is SUCH a good idea! Of course, while riding,
I gave serious consideration to the problem of adequately
insulating the whole body of the aircraft against the
ravages of the brutal interior Alaskan winters....hmm....
(and how would I design the plumbing and septic system?)

These are the kinds of things I devote serious metal engergy
to while out building up my endurance cycling miles...not
world politics or global warming, or even art, damn it......

Today, I took off for a scheduled high-miles ride feeling
utterly tired and grumpy...telling myself I'd ride the ridge
road, and after that 14 miles, I'd decide what to do. Of
course, by mile 6 or so the endorphins kicked in and I felt
great and kept going.

My ride today was 60 miles!
My best yet!

Several hills involved, but I didn't
do any really hard riding nor any intervals. Today was
endurance only, and successful as that, as I was able to keep
a steady pace and steady energy level throughout.

Anyway---usually at the start of a long ride, I tell myself I'm
going to do some DEEP THINKING about something or other,
work out some art ideas, decide some stuff, etc. Somehow, it
never works this way and I always end up in mental places
like "Someday I want to live in an old troop carrier" and telling
myself stupid jokes. I actually DID go for a ride with a new
friend yesterday---we cruised along at a slow pace and talked
for 15 miles. I was astonished to ride so slow, but we did
have a great conversation.

And now?
I am really, really tired and my quadriceps are pretty sore.

After todays ride.....

I really think I am going to do the century ride.
It seems real I will truly do it and live to tell the tale.


BookGirl said...

E, 60 miles! That's what I call motivation. Beyond the distance, which is pretty damn impressive on its own, what's impressive to me is that you went out there even 'though you didn't feel much like it.

Not that there's much comparison, but I've started to walk first thing in the morning with my husband and our dog (by the way, he has his own blog now -- Yep, I agree. I should be walking instead of dog-blogging). It's a small step toward getting in better shape. Here's hoping for some of your tenacity.

Riverlark said...

You go, girl! I am so impressed and know that in the deep of winter these rides are going to inspire you in the studio! Let us know when Century-Day is coming and we can send you good energy.

Eero said...

Awww, thanks guys!

painter girl said...

Amazing! I can't even imagine riding 60 miles or even 25. Congratulations on making it to your goal! You rock!

Jules said...

geez -
you're not kidding you have been riding!! i ain't got 60 milers in me these days but i'd love to keep you company on shorter rides. thanks for commenting on my blog, nobody ever comments so i just noticed it today! give a call (in phone book) or email (jules.morse@gmail)sometime when you're heading out...

Anonymous said...