Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another day, another ride...

After much procrastination, I finally got out to do a
20 mile ride yesterday. With new hybrid tires on my
mountain bike, I did a 10 mile out and back on the highway
headed South to Anchorage. Why? Because they just
re-paved this road and it is smooooooooth riding. Ahhh...

Most of the pavement in AK is chipseal (think glued-down
pea gravel), broken by frost heaves and ruptured by
roots. "Highway" in AK also means that a few cars will go
by you once in heavy traffic on a Friday afternoon.
There were a few monstrous semi's hauling
double Sealand they charged by, they created
a back-draft vortex which pulled me along like a little
moth for a few seconds. In my motorcycling days in the
States, I used to tuck in behind one of these behemoths on
the freeways and draft off of them, giving my bike and my
body a rest from the constant wind impact.

Anyway---a good ride, although I am pretty tired the last
two days.....pushed my miles up a lot this week with two 30+
mile rides. To keep on 'schedule,' I have to do a 45-50 mile
ride in the next few days.

View from the highway lookout.

Laura, if you're reading this, here's a good shot of
the great Northern landscape you'll see over and over
if/when you drive the Alcan!

A friendly tourist offered to take my picture if I'd take
a few of he and his lady. And YES, I'm wearing a skirt.
I have my fancy-shmancy cycling shorts, but I am I like to wear skirts when
I ride.

At the end of the ride, I stopped in Ester and checked
out this Letterbox that Bugheart and I planted in 2005.
It looks great, BH! There are at least a dozen new stamps
in it.

Today: I am so thankful that the storm which moved in
last night hasn't quite left us. Grey, overcast, cool and
rainy. I may actually succeed in spending some time in
my studio today.
In thinking about my lack of art productivity this past
six weeks, I realized that I've spent more time
sleeping in my studio than working in it. Not good.

In all truth, this new obsession with riding my bike has
usurped all art hours.....


Riverlark said...

Hi Eero!
Your rides look great and I wouldn't worry too much about the studio. Trust your intuition that you need to be out on the road.
Lots of riders out on the river road today, including a dude without a shirt who should NOT have made that choice. Plus his shorts were exposing about 3 inches of tighty whiteys. Not pretty.
Stay well.

Lili of the Valley said...

Hey there E-
I found a biking skirt like the ones you wear at VV. What a comfy find! I ended up hauling wood (we had some trees fall in that big wind the other night) in mine and felt like a true sporty-woods woman

erin scissorhands said...

wow, what a great ride! and that project you and gwen started in 05 is so neat!

that view is spectacular :

Anonymous said...

Hey e- Im at Cayuga Lake, NY for yet another workshop. Looking through your blog in my college dorm room ... FOUND your pic of the landscape from a couple of weeks ago.
Havent quite got the courage to get back on the bike. Passed my one year anniversary the other day . Glad to hear you are wearing your helmet- a lifesaver ( for real). Have fun, but be careful.
But ive been thinking of you as there are stripes in all my paintings at the moment. wild and alive ones! Will send images.