Friday, July 20, 2007

The bike, the wind, the storm...

Although a 60-70 mile ride was on my training schedule today,
I didn't get out early enough to get the entire thing done. I
told myself I'd do two 35 mile rides...but that didn't happen,
It was kind of a tough day for riding---I didn't have enough
to eat, and the temperature climbed to +85F. I just didn't
have the gumption to do my usual 35 mile loop...
plus, that loop is getting a little boring.

I decided that today was a day where ANY time on the
bike was good time. I did 30 miles at a good pace and just
tooled around town, exploring and letting my directional
whims drive me.

On the first 10-15 mile leg, I kept hitting a hard headwind
whenever I turned South. Luckily, I got to a point where
there is a long, straight stretch on a little-used road
behind the airport---headed North---where I got up to 18.5
mph, just coasting along with that lovely tailwind. I was
actually spinning inside the wind, suddenly finding that
I was riding in a pocket of silence---no wind rushing
past my ears that every cyclist hears all the time. Inside
the wind, going the same speed, and I heard only the
slight hum of my new chain ticking over on my new bike....
A real moment of bliss!

To tell a secret...I think of these as "sacred moments"
and am teaching myself to always acknowledge them when
they so mysteriously arrive...let myself feel the magic, you know?

A great view along my Airport circuit----there are
several yards with derelict planes in them. And why
does Eero like these things so much?

My Dad is an aircraft mechanic and I grew up in
and around his hangar. When I was a little girl, he
had several wrecked and old planes in his yard. A
couple of them were quite big (to a 4 year old) and
my sisters and I played in them endlessly, usually
taking turns being Pilot or Stewardess. Great fun!
So--I have a soft spot in my heart for old aircraft.

On a related note, I spent almost 10 years as a
documentary photographer, seeking out and shooting
b&w images of abandoned my love lost
things doesn't stop at aircraft....

At 30 miles, I still felt good and could have gone
farther, but for the past hour, I'd been watching a
storm gathering on the Northern horizon....

Time to head in before I got caught in it...

Tomorrow---hopefully 30-40 miles with new
cycling friends.

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Carson said...

the derelict plane is amazing.
how exciting to be able to cycle around there