Monday, July 23, 2007

Life is good

Caught this little guy peering in...

Sheila and I taking a break.
I rode 38 miles out to a friend's old cabin near
Chatanika. A steep climb up to Cleary Summit.

I'm still averaging only 12 miles an hour or so.
Sheila and I kick ass on the flats, but I am only
slow and steady on the hills....
This bodes ill for our Century ride, as it will take
that many more hours to complete.

The old road to the cabin, now completely overgrown.
Something was shuffling around in the brush off the
side of the road...or two somethings? Most likely
moose, although we never caught a glimpse of them.

Fireweed at the entrance of the road. The saying
is that when the blossoms reach the top of the spike,
summer is over. Not too far to go! Another sign of impending
autumn is that we've recently had about 1/2 hour of almost
darkness at night. Yikes...
Summer goes so fast.

I have a special place in my heart for Fireweed---it was
my wedding flower! I picked my bridal boquet from
along the roadside.


Jill said...

Beautiful pictures. I have been thinking a lot lately about fireweed, too.

Congratulations on putting in some solid miles. To answer your question about rain gear, what I own is a Salsa brand PVC rain shell (100 percent waterproof but not breathable at all. It has mesh underneath the arms for some moisture release.)I bought it at a bike shop for about $25.

The pants are rain-resistant - meaning they eventually leak through. sells them for about $35.

Neoprene gloves are socks (such as kayaking socks) are great for keeping your extremities warm even when they're soaked. Much better I think than trying to go waterproof with plastic baggies.

Just my two cents on the matter. If you don't want to get a bunch of new stuff, you can layer up with fleece and wool. The biggest deal with riding in the rain, in my opinion, is staying warm. Staying dry is near impossible.

Carson said...

Gwen would like that little guy I reckon. She might even be able to identify it.

bike&beer said...

i picked my bridal bouquet from a street vendor at traffic light on my way to the wedding. i got a blue scarf as a wedding gift (something blue...), and i tied it around the bouquet, and voila! perfect.

i believe you do "recycling" also, so if you are interested i have a few cold weather items that i am willing to pass on -- and better to you than to value village :-) they are in good shape, and probably would fit you. it is just that i don't ride in the cold anymore -- i get too miserable. let me know...