Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Miles and Gunshots

July 4th: 32.2 miles

It's a still, warm evening here. Sunlight on the clouds
above, but we're in the shadow of the ridgeline. There
are booming, echoing gunshots in the distance. Holidays
such as this bring out the need in certain types
of Alaskans to do some target practice. Such inanities
woke us up around 3:00 this morning....semi-automatic
rifle fire from down in the valley below our house.....

I've been doing some productive napping all evening.
After 30+ miles in the sun, I was exhausted. A family
4th of July party found me playing on the lawn with
my neice and her new doll: an old lady with a big mouth
and fabric gullet. The doll went with the "I knew an Old Lady Who
Swallowed a Fly" storybook. Neice and I gleefully stuffed
all manner of plush little defenseless animals into Grannie's
gaping maw. A good time.

Tonight, reading a new book by my most recent favored
author, F. Paul Wilson. (Easy reading, fun, unpredictable...)

Keep thinking about a movie I saw last night,
Tideland by Terry Gilliam. A strange, brutally
dark and beautiful film. Possibly the best movie
I have seen in months.

In contrast, the night before, I watched Jack
Black's The Pick of Destiny, and now I can't
get those damn songs out of my head....

Tomorrow---up early,
ride 17 miles to work....

then 17 miles home.


BookGirl said...

E, I do enjoy your photos. Keep 'em comin!

cochabamba said...

the downside of living out in the country for those of us who would retreat out there for peace and quiet and nature is that it invariably puts you into conflict with those who see nature in a totally different way; as a place where they can shoot their guns. america is a strange place sometimes. and who wants to go argue with someone holding a gun?