Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Guts Are Good.....

...but I still get stomach aches.

A week and a half and $1,000.00 of medical costs
later, I know that my abdominal pains aren't anything
By serious, I mean tumors, cancer, etc.

Good to know.
What is unknown is why I have them at all. Urgh!
A reason would present some form of solution!

Luckily, I've combined some 'western' medicine with
homeopathic care, and I think the natural Dr. may be
on the right track.

As far as cycling goes, I haven't done much. A 20 mile
ride last Sunday felt pretty good, with only 2 times needing
to get off the bike and walk for a bit to ease the tummy---
but no laying in ditches! Improvement!
(Still, it was a slow ride, knowing that ache was going to hit...sooooooo frustrating.)

In life outside of guts and cycling:
Art! I'm putting together stretcher bars for a new series of
paintings and eagerly awaiting the creations of my
art-collaborator Bugheart. We're entering 2 pieces into
"Synthesis," the group exhibit to accompany the Arctic
Science Conference in Anchorage.

Cooking a lot...
Harvesting the garden before the temps get too low...
Tomatoes, basil, jalapenos, hungarian yellow wax peppers,
carrots, leeks....and a few malformed brussel sprouts that the
moose didn't eat.

A slow couple of weeks.

I miss cycling.
I miss riding for hours and hours everyday.


Carson said...

thousand bucks to find out there's nothing wrong with you?!
well..at least there's nothing serious :)
looking forward to seeing your collaborations with bugheart.

thanks for the musk ox tip by the way

Riverlark said...

Good to hear from you, Eero, and to know nothing is seriously wrong. Enjoy the harvest...the first signs of fall are showing up in MN.

bike&beer said...

well, and i thought i was the only one who enjoyed cycling for hours on end ;-) sorry about your pains, but glad it's nothing serious. i do hope you find out soon what's bugging you and get rid of it... can't help but wonder, what in the world can it be??? a pain only when you cycle? be well, eero! and i can't wait to see your new art on the blog :-)

bugheart said...

that's pricey
but i am glad
it's nothing
did they check
ulcers and such...
i can only
what it's like
to want to ride
but your body
won't let you...
there will
be a solution

sarah said...

Glad to hear nothing serious. I hope you get back to pain-free riding soon.

BookGirl said...

Very glad to hear you're in good health, E. It sounds like you're moving toward a painting cycle (no pun intended). Enjoy it!