Monday, August 13, 2007


My Century ride has been.....delayed? I hope that is all.
I went on a 50 mile ride last Friday and around mile 20,
I had to spend some time laying in a ditch by the side of
the road in an attempt to ease the now ever-present
abdominal pain. This returning stomach ache is crippling me!

I was able to limp towards home, but the pain kept returning.
No real pedaling was possible, so I just coasted where I
could and walked, pushing Sheila along. I made it to my
work, where I waited for Fromage to come and pick me

Urgh! I can't describe how frustrated I am---after 8 weeks
of cycling and training...
When I got home from my failed 50 miler, I just sat down
and had a good cry.

Good thing is that this is my own personal goal and not a race
or an event....I can change the date to whenever I want, for
whenever I am fully ready (before it gets too cold, that is...).

I'm telling myself that my goal is just delayed....

I'm biting the bullet and going to various doctors without
any medical insurance. One test I'm taking costs more
than Sheila! Damn it!

Best case scenario: it's a food allergy or food intolerance.
Worst case scenario: it's a fetal alien spawn maturing in my guts
and soon it'll fight it's way out ala 'Aliens.'
(Which is what it feels like when the stomach ache is in full swing!)

In other news.....

The studio is a total mess.....


Jill said...

So sorry to hear about your stomach pain. My friend Craig who lives in Palmer sometimes experiences a similar sensation when riding (and other activities). After various doctor visits, he still doesn't have any solid answers as to the cause, but he does go to weekly massage therapy, which he says helps a lot. His condition was likely brought on by stress, and after alleviating several stressful factors in his life (including switching jobs) he also made physical improvements. But he still suffers from it often.

Like you said, it's important to get well. The century ride can definitely wait. I hope the best for you. I am leaving on Wednesday for my triple-and-a-half century. I am definitely scared. I have a 51-hour period in which to complete it, but it is still pretty daunting. Thanks for the ispiration.

Riverlark said...

Eero, so sorry to hear this! I know the feeling of having a goal, having fun trying to meet it and then getting derailed. I'm surprised you've only cried once.
I'm glad you're taking care of yourself!

painter girl said...

Eero I am sorry also to hear that you are not feeling well and having to postpone your goal. You should be proud at getting so far! Amazing to have made it 65 miles! And you will do your century ride soon I bet.
I sure hope you feel better soon.
Leanne P

Carson said...

Sorry to hear about that, but I'm glad you're getting it checked out. You can't put a price on your health is my philosophy.
The ride will still be there when you're better.

Anonymous said...

That's a drag (put mildly) about your pain. Hopefully the doctor visits are useful and obtain results. I've been following your progress and hope you do get to ride your century soon. Take care.

BookGirl said...

E, it sucks that you have to put off your plans. And yet, it's important to listen to your body. It also sucks not to have health insurance, but we all want you to live to a ripe old age and enjoy every minute, so I'm glad you're going to the doctor.


Shannon said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I am sorry to hear about your abdominal pain. I am still rooting for you. You will do this! It has been wonderful to read about your progress. I am wondering if Holistic Medical Clinic might be a place to turn. I have had some success there. At least by spending your non-insured dollars there, they will actually listen to what you have to say about your body, rather than just hand you a bottle of pills. Pushing for you E! I hope to see you on Saturday. We can find you a virgin margarita I'm sure.

Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

Erro - Good grief! The stomach pain sounds horrible, and has obviously caused almost as much heartach as physical agony. I hope your local medical genius is able to fix you up with a minimum of expensive and repetative testing. I do not have a lot of trust in many practitioners in the medical arts.

Also, thanks for the comment on my art journal.

Where can I view your artwork on line?