Monday, August 06, 2007

Yeah, I'm a geek, but I'm dedicated...

It has been pissing down rain for about 3 days, now.
Cold rain, cold wind. Miserable riding weather.
Right now, it's +55F! I'm tempted to get the
wood stove going....

I gotta admit, I was letting this bad weather cramp my style.

Today---no way around it: I had to ride and I
just couldn't face 2-3 hours of slogging around in
the cold and wet.

I got a DVD from the local library, "Hell on Wheels"
which was a pretty illuminating view of the Tour de France.
I think it was shot in 2003....up front and personal with the
German cycling team....lotsa interview time with Eric Zabel
(sigh!) and some time with Alexandre Vinokourov, of 2007
Tour doping fame.

Neat thing: I can get my HR up to 165 and still read
English subtitles!

That was my afternoon....
Cycling with this video and thinking about my Century+
ride coming up in just over a week.

I am getting really stressed out about it.
The weather and my persistant stomach aches/pains
are screwing up my training schedule. Thinking that
my body issues were dietary, I've cut out alchohol
entirely. One week without a glass of wine with dinner!
There's dedication for you...

But seriously, I am worried about my preparedness.

I am worried about the weather.

I know I can do the miles....I just can't have this
mystery abdominal pain jack the whole event for me.

When I was on my 77 mile ride, the phantom pain struck and
I found a nice piece of wet plywood by the side of the road
to have a little lie down on for 5 minutes. That seems
to be the only thing that helps (the lying down, not the plywood.)

On the 40 miler with Fromage the other day, I tried different ride
food; instead of a power bar (lotsa sugar) I took along some beef
jerky and cashews. Amazingly, a few handfuls of nuts made the
side ache go away for awhile.....or was it just the resting for a minute?

I HATE not having health insurance.
I HATE the fear of the expense keeping me from just seeing a
doctor about all this.....

Like I said, stressing out a little....


Carson said...

You ARE a bike geek Eero, but you go girl! :)
Sorry to hear you feel like your body's letting you down there (ooo I soo know that feeling, and I don't bicycle!)but the snack thing: you could be right, I'm sure protein is much better for oxygenating your blood rather than sugar.
Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day just by the way, I'm glad you could relate :)

Jules said...

Dang girl... your dedication is impressive!! I have been known to do the indoor bike thing occasionally - but ONLY when it's at least 40 below out and NEVER with subtitles! My guess is the more technical term for your blown fuses is simply overtraining. Don't stress it - whatever training you do now won't make you any stronger before your century (it takes a couple weeks to see benefits of any specific training). so rest lots - enjoy the rain, and eat lots of protein in the last week. I'm just a short timer these days but I'll ride 20 or 30 miles with you on wednesday. I'll make a plan with you on Monday. Relax!

Tim said...

Nice use of the phone books for a front wheel block!

Eero said...

Thanks for noticing!
Actually, it's the phone book and a "Hiking Alaska" book...the Fbx directory isn't quite thick enough...

ms. pea said...

the temperature here is exactly double the temperature there. i'm not going for any bike rides, either. so maybe you should just suck it up and go to the doctor... does your town/county have a public clinic?

bike&beer said...

hey e., fromage probably told you that already, but abdominal cramps can come from lack of salt, and also irregular breathing... i never eat power bars, i stick with string cheese and salted nuts. a bagel with cream cheese halfway through the century. bananas with peanut butter is the sweetest i allow myself. other people don't have problems with sugar, but i do, and i find that my stomach does much better with the salty stuff. which also helps with not drinking gatorade - it ruins my whole ride with terrible stomach pain. so hang in there and you'll do fine on the century - but remember to listen to your body. if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. stop and re-evaluate. good luck!
ps. has the package arrived?

Eero said...

You are exactly right on the food! Sugar ruins me---very hypoglycemic. I'm eating jerky and nuts on rides now---much better.

Jules is right too---overtraining. I've been taking it easy and feeling much better.

Got the package!
It was like Christmas!
B&B---you and I are EXACTLY the same size. I LOVE this gear.
How can I thank you?
Want some AK'n salmon? Moose?

bugheart said...

i am so
with the
taught me
not to
eat powerbars...
i like
cheese and nuts
much better

andy said...

found your link on

i hope you feel better soon. it's no fun being sidelined during prime riding season.

have you thought of ulcers? or something like that? have you taken OTC prilosec? your symptoms sound like what i had....searing gut pain. the prilosec really helped. as did increasing the amount of water i drank, reduced caffeine, and got more sleep.

also, i'd really watch relying on nuts and cheese during workouts. while they may be far tastier than a powerbar, the reason you need to eat during a workout is because you need fuel. and cheese and nuts don't have anywhere near the amount of fuel you need to replenish during any sort of lenghty workout.

i'd try these as an alternative to power/clif/luna/etc. bars:

they're bake-at-home energy bars that are just amazingly good!

anyhow....good luck with the tummy!