Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back on the Bike

Woke up early yesterday and read the news, read some blogs, then spent some time reading the fabulous blog of Dirt Diva. What a lady! What an athlete! It was a foggy, cold morning and so beautiful---I wanted to be out in it. Dirt Diva was just the inspiration I needed to get off my ass.

As many of you know, I was training for a century ride this summer that got derailed due to some health problems. I think about that ride every day....I look at Sheila and feel utterly heartbroken. (It's easy to look at Sheila frequently because I keep her safe and warm in the livingroom. Fromage is okay with this....he understands.) 8 Weeks of training! I decided yesterday morning that I just needed to ride....

The photo above is the road from my house...

Sheila's view...

I'm searching the web for a women's specific, steel frame touring bike. Haven't found ANYTHING so far. URgh. Any cyclists out there have suggestions??

Sheila is aluminum and very comfortable....Fromage asked why I wouldn't fix her up for touring and I honestly told him, "I don't want to get her all scratched up!" Touring is hard on a bike...I'd rather do it with a bike that is made for it.

The view above the river----mysterious fog, quiet morning---about +45F. (Thanks to the generous gifts of Bike & Beer, I was toasty warm!)

Pond along the road. Quiet and still. Not too many cars out that early. I did see one other cyclist out. We gave each other big smiles and waves. 16.4 miles total. My legs felt like they could've gone all day.

Today---+37 this morning! Winter is on it's way. If I can't cycle for much longer, I can definitely look forward to the ski season. Ahhhh......skiing! (I've tried winter cycling....not for me! I don't have the talents of Up In Alaska...)


ben huff said...

i just discovered your blog today while searching for something else Fairbanks/art related. what a find! you've made my list of daily rounds. thanks.

be well,

Eero said...

Hi Ben,
Nice to meet you!
There are some really good bloggers around here---as for photographers, check out my link to "a.k." He has some really stunning cloud, sky and nighttime photography.

I have a degree in Documentary Photography, myself.

Thanks for commenting!

ben huff said...

it looks like we run in similar circles. Patrick (a.k.) is a really good friend of mine, as well as Julie M.

maybe we'll bump into each other this winter.

be well.

BookGirl said...

E, your writing and your photos provide such a sense of place. They make me feel as if the PLACE itself is an adventure. Thanks.

Catra said...

beautiful picture.