Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stiles Creek hiking trip

A 15 mile loop hike with a cabin half way. Henry and I, two friends and dog, Guthrie. Beautiful weather, good conversation, so great to get out in the woods, if even for a couple of days.

Erin and Amy. The whole trip was Amy's idea and plan. She's a goldmine of fun ideas. Unfortunately, due to an act which we all referred to as a "misguided moment of hyper-vigilance," Amy accidentally sprayed her own chest with some high powered bear mace, making the rest of the hiking trip pretty uncomforable for her......sadly, the incident happened within the first 3 miles of the hike! She was a remarkably good sport about it....

(She had the mace out because we faced off a large mama moose who wouldn't get out of the trail and had no fear of us, no matter how we yelled and jumped around. When Guthrie barked, Amy sprayed, moose ran, and the rest of us scattered out of the downwind pepper spray cloud.)

Dinner at the cabin. Although each of us was worried that we hadn't brought enough food, once we unloaded our packs, there was enough food for the four of us for a few days.... Amy brought the peach schnapps....good stuff on a hiking trip! Who would've thought....

We spent the evening reading out of the cabin visitor's log book. The entries were everything from boring to hilarious to strange.

This time of year the lowbush cranberries are perfect! We picked and ate them all along the trail to and from the cabin.

Guthrie and Erin, post hike. Guthrie is a big, happy, goofy dude and great to hike with.

Back to daily life in the studio...

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Carson said...

Oh I'm so jealous, that looks like such fun. The scenery! The cranberries! The goofy dog!
Maybe not so much the mace (is bear mace different ordinary mace? )