Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Show is Up!

One year of planning, 35 artists, 50 artworks!
View of the main room with halibut skin/moose rib basket by Anchorage artist Fran Reed in foreground.

Another view of the main room....

View of the gallery at entrance. My painting front and center---the benefits of curating the show!

Another view. Fragile, wall hung leg bone sculptures made of delicate wax sheets by artist Tina Shih visible on the far wall.

View of the lower room with central sculpture by Da-ka-xeen Mehner. These are 10' long whale jawbones in steel armatures fabricated by the artist. Their placement is to mimic the grave markers in the traditional cemetery that Daka saw in Pt. Hope, AK.

Visible in the background is a corner of the walk-in, free standing grave by Mary Matthews.

Overall, the installation went well. The juror does his work tomorrow morning and I'll purchase the meat prizes immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, I'm not able to give moose or caribou as awards due to lack of a source! Still, I'm secretly glad as giving wild meat as a prize sort of rides the edge of legality regarding Alaskan wild game laws. The artists will have to be happy with store bought meats...

Tomorrow is opening night!

Wish me luck!


bike&beer said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
it looks SO awesome. i wish i could go there and see it in person...

Camplin said...

Good show. Hey, I use to be an art editor of Sojourn art journal out of University of Texas at Dallas and they are looking for artist to submit art to be published. Go to to submit your work and any body in your group. Good luck on further art shows.

painter girl said...

It all looks wonderful!
Hope the opening goes well and that you sell a lot of art.

bugheart said...

wish i could
see it!
it looks

Eero said...

Thanks ya'll!
The opening was a big hit, although sadly, Painter Girl, I was hoping for sales and there was only one small one.

Well, it's up for another month....
fingers crossed.