Friday, November 09, 2007

12 Hours of Photos: Eero, Fairbanks, AK

This is the same post I've put on 12 Hours of Photos.....the trial run....
8:00am, Sunrise

9:00am, Arriving at Work

10:00am, Cutting patterns for arctic hat

11:00am, Coworkers at the sewing machines

12:00, the Mitten pattern

1:00pm, the pattern racks

2:00pm, Marking and cutting

3:00pm, on my way to the ski trails

4:oopm, Light fading over the aspens on the ski trail

5:00pm, in the studio

6:00pm, choosing clases for next semester

7:00pm, checking my blog and email....

8:00pm, Studio wall, a last interesting shot for the 12 Hours challenge...


Jill said...

Very cool post. I sort of wish I got on with this idea. But I didn't think that eight solid hours of my being at my desk at work would make for very interesting photos. Obviously, creative people can make even a workday interesting. Nice job.

subarctic mama said...

I'm glad I found you. I love seeing the pieces of a Fairbanks day.