Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Look

A few more parts of paintings from my recent work. Acrylic ink on a gouache/watercolor background. I really love doing the intricate drawing with a fine calligraphy nib. Mucho fun.
The above painting is titled, "Elemental Study."

I just got (another) shipment of art supplies in the post from Dick Blick. (Imagine that art supplier name with hearts all around it---I LOVE Dick Blick. They are wonderful for long-distance purchasing!) In the shipment are the new acrylic inks I ordered. When I first used them at Penland, I just knew that at some point I was going to end up collecting every color available. Well, it's not that bad.....I did indulge in three shades of green, a sunny, bright yellow and a turquoise that I can't wait to bust open and play with.

This is another view of the "Mouse Dream" painting I wrote about awhile ago. I think the little feetsies turned out pretty good. I hope to do some more of these black and white images....if I ever have time in the studio....Even a 30 hour a week job is kicking my ass.

This painting, "Notes on a Species" (this is only a detail) was, by far, the most intricately drawn. So far, it has also received the most praise (mostly from Fromage). It and it's 2 companions in this new series of work get seen by the art-viewing public at large this Friday night. It'll be interesting to hear what folks think about these... I'm pricing them at $250.00. (Framed 20"x26") The gallery owner thought this was a good bet.

Tonight I'm enjoying an evening at home. The last 2 nights have been spent with some fabulous friends. Monday, I spent the evening with extraordinary painter Jean Lester, who is definitely one of my role models. With us was friend Anita, a writer. I think we talked for 6 hours straight about life, art, work, money, marriage, etc. It was awesome....I sometimes feel starved for a truly good, deep, meaningful conversation....

Last night was beer, food and playing Cranium with Wayne and Nellie, whom I consider our favorite 'double date' friends. There was alot more hysterical laughing than deep conversation, but that has it's own great value.


Carson said...

I like Notes on a Species very much! I would put $500 it, seriously.
If you put your 'marketing' hat on, you know it's a fact that people put a psychological premium on things with a higher price tag makes your work even more desirable. I know this is very hard to do ( I have this problem myself), but if you under-price, you run the risk of not being taken seriously.
Anyway,food for thought.
On to matters more trivial: I tagged you again, coz I know you like being tagged ;)

Martha Marshall said...

These are gorgeous! And so are the art cards you sent! Love them!!!

Acrylic inks huh? Just what I need -- another addiction. I'll probably have to check those out.

cochabamba said...

i think you are on to something
with this new series.
some really strong images,
especially the mouse and the bee.
and i would charge more, too.
you never know.

Eero said...

about charging more...

These aren't really big paintings. Also, they're in a radically different style that what I'm "known" for right now. Also, I need some money. If that isn't enough, I live in a very small town and can't charge big city prices quite yet. :)

PS: Of course, if these sell quickly, I'm going to make several more and bump up the price.

Martha Marshall said...

Yes -- a great rule of thumb. When you can't produce them fast enough, that's a good sign you should raise the price.