Thursday, December 20, 2007

In the Deep Freeze...

Right now my thermometer says -33F. This is a higher temp. for the area, given that down farther in the valley, the temps are around -40 to -45. (But if you're outside at these surreal temperatures, who can tell the difference between them?) I found some live coals in the wood stove and stoked the fire---bringing in wood for the day to thaw out. I love keeping a fire going... The house has no problem keeping warm, lucky for us that we built it so well! Still, the fire made with free wood keeps the house at +70, rather than using however many very expensive gallons of fuel oil at this time of year. Filling our 300 gal. tank cost over $800!

I called in "sick car" to work, which is perfectly plausible. I have a 17 year old car. At these temps, it just might not start. :) Of course, I didn't even try! I've put in my notice at the exhausting, low-paying job, and as this is my next to last day, I am being an escapist.

My grandmother passed away two weeks ago this Saturday. I think about her everyday. I think about her life, her work....and I just think, 'life is too short.' For me, life is too short to spend today at the icky job. Life is good to spend on the giant blue painting I've got going. Life is good to drink a hot cup of coffee this morning and stoke the fire. Life is good that this weekend we'll have a good friend staying with us who loves port and zombie movies.

It's damned cold, but life is good. Being alive is good.


Carson said...

What an uplifting post Eero!
I'm so inspired about you giving notice :)
And I've never asked you about your name. My name may not be that unusual in the States, but here it sure is, and I'm sure you've been asked about your name as many times as I have

Karen Travels said...

"car sick." I am going to try that here in Charlotte! I don't think I will get far, not in the 40 - 50 degree weather we have been having!! That's above zero, not below!!

Dena said...

Port! Zombie movies! YAAAAAY!! (:

Philip said...

Sorry to hear about your sad loss. I still ogten think of my grandmother even though she died almost 20 years ago.

I can't imagine living in such temperatures! It would be good for me and my art as I would not be able to slope off to the beach when I should be painting!

I agree with what you say about work. I imagine that you would feel happier in work that engaged and valued your natural creativity.