Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years....reprisal...

Berry picking adventures with friends and dogs this past Autumn....

So...It's time to talk New Years Resolutions again.
I hope I didn't resolve to "be more organized" because it looks like I lost my carefully crafted (and agonizingly long) list of goals and resolutions for, can't reference the entire list...

But I have this! This list was in my blog post on January 2nd, '07. I've added some comments on the level of success I acheived with each...

Learn Diving...on my list for about 3 years now...
-----Okay, I get big points for trying this one. Whilst in HI last year, I went out on a boat to learn to dive....but got so unremittingly seasick that I had to bag the whole thing. When I say "seasick," I mean, wanting to die if I couldn't get back to land.....seasick. So--learning to dive is still on the's just ammended with 'learning to dive with a beach entry...'

Go on a Bicycle Tour...why haven't I done this yet??
-----Well, I became an endurance cyclist last summer and logged some major hours and miles! Gold star for me! I see this goal happening easily this coming summer...

Be frugal again....which ties in with
Pay off debts as much as possible
-----Frugality systems are in place, paying off debts is happening. Check.

Make art website....about frikkin' time
-----Uh, I registered a site....I just haven't actually made the pages.....

Dress better....can I be more than a jeans and sweater girl?
-----Screw it. I am just a jeans and sweater and hiking boots girl.

Do more new things...because I rely on the familiar WAY TOO MUCH
-----Did some new things. I can't think of any right now, but I'm sure I did them.

Make some new friends...because all of my 'old' ones have scattered to the winds
-----New friends. Check.

And for 2008?
Many goals and ideas/hopes of cool things to do this year. One is that I'm going to build a greenhouse with scavenged windows and cement pony walls which I'll elaborately mosaic. FUN!

The only resolution?
Have more self-discipline and work harder at whatever I undertake.
Right now, that means kicking ass on the 15 paintings underway for my May solo exhibit.


Gordon Inkeles said...

Keep it up, Eero, whatever it is.

Riverlark said...

Hey Eero,
I always think about those things that *could* have been resolutions, if only we'd known! Things like:
*teach someone about letterboxing (check)
*teach someone about blogging (check)
*have a blast at Penland (double-check)

Eero said...

Hey there Riverlark!
Penland comprised a good two dozen new things I did.

Best Wishes for 2008!


Maggie Stiefvater said...

Hey, jeans and sweaters are always the way to go!

But ooooh you must have a website. Everyone has one!

Eero said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm getting the site off the ground (or keyboard?). It'll definitely take some time to format professionally, since I'm not a pro ;(, but fun to do!