Friday, January 12, 2007

Hibernation is over

We withstood the cold weather well...and it's finally broken. -33F at our house for DAYS and today dawned with +14! Skiing resumes! My sanity will be restored to me!
During the hibernation I watched endless (rented) episodes of "Bones" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." No efforts at intellectual improvement on my siree. Deep winter hibernation means eating, sleeping and watching movies....and getting together with friends, if you can find any, which I couldn't.
I went skate skiing for an hour today and felt difficulty in what was easy for me just a few weeks ago.....slothful hibernation to blame.
The image above is two more bloom spikes on my white phalaenopsis....a safe, tropical little haven for orchids in my studio proves it's worth with blooming during our arctic deep-freeze.

Here's a new one, opened.

And a bit of abandoned building detritus for you.
I had an amazing dream last night about being in an abandoned worker's shed---although when I climbed to the top floor via small staircases and narrow openings, I found that someone had lived there and had left all kinds of great stuff behind. I knew that the person, whomever they were, was dead or long gone and their stuff was up for grabs----fodder for a scavenger like me. I was amazed at the wealth of tools, art supplies, winter gear, wood carvings, furniture....I wanted to take it all. There were other people there like myself and I knew I had to hold back from taking least to appear courteous. There were boxes of oil paints in beautiful colors and a set of knitting needles in every size ever made.... I spent most of the dream stockpiling all of these wonderful things into a huge trunk...and then piling more on top of it. It was a great dream...but also stressful....trying to get the good stuff before others did and still trying not to be a pig about it all.

4'x4' painting....stuck here for awhile. I have to paint whilst kneeling on the floor, as my current (piece of shit) easel can't hold it's weight. It's a sort of prayerful pose---kneeling before the painting....but it kills my legs and I can't paint for long. I know where this painting needs to "go," but I just can't seem to light a much-needed fire under my own ass to get on with it! I ordered a new easel with my sparkley-wonderful grant money, but it's delayed in shipping somewhere and I just have to wait.....the new easel will handle this big painting with aplomb! No more paintings falling more propping up the easel with other furniture. Posted by Picasa