Friday, March 02, 2007

Garden rock at the Frye Museum

Garden rock at the Frye Museum
Originally uploaded by Alaskan Eero.

Testing again...

This time, I'm trying out Flickr....but it seems to only want to post one image at a time, and I want to make posts with several images....

Urgh! It's amazing how something so easy suddenly became
so fu%$#@# frustrating! Is blogging WORTH it?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Testing.....testing.....1, 2, 3....

I think I've got a new image posting method figured out.
Here's just a test run to makesure it sticks! This is an
assemblage/diorama by Johnny which was in his bathroom.
So clever! Crab claws, chewing gum wrappers...machine parts?
I think it is a sign ofa particular kind of artistic genius when
one can see intrinsic beauty andcreative potential in everything.'s the test.....will this post work?

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Pulling my hair out....

Returned from warmer climes after many adventures and with many pictures I'd love to share with you! Unfortunately, there have been some mysterious changes to the programs I ususally use to create posts.

The truth?

I've created TWELVE NEW POSTS that have all gone tits up and the image links were mysteriously broken...."blogger help" isn't any help at all, and I'm just going to have to wrangle a new way to let Gentle Reader know what I'm up to.....

Talk about frustrating.

Worse than working on car engines.


Ta for now.

There will be lovely new posts with lots of juicy, pretty pictures at some point soon....I hope.