Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Hats are seen, at last

Remember all of my posts about my birch bark hats?
They've FINALLY been accepted into a show, albeit
local and small and a little heavy on the kitchy crafty:
"Interior Artisans XXII" at the Bear Gallery, up for
the month of April.
Sadly, no awards for me in this juried show. Yes,
even though it's a small exhibit and not an 'important'
gallery---I still wanted to have the recognition of
an award!

Picture above: saw these two women looking at my
hats and talking about them.....

Then caught one of them trying to peer under
the Medallion Hat to see the secrets of it's

Then caught them BOTH gettting a closer look.
This is funny---but also great for me as the artist.
They're really curious! They're examining,
they're interested.

Much like my painting at the Annex in the previous
post, these hats are unlike anything that local
art-viewers have seen me do. Some friends I spoke
with at the openings were really surprised that my
name was on these pieces.

Heh, heh...I feel like a sneaky artist.
I love to make all kinds of stuff....

A Day in the Life of Eero...

April 6, 2007....waking up at 6:00 am, sun
rising over the ridge. I think we're up to
15 hours of daylight here at the
64th parallel...

Work at the greenhouse. 780 retail flower
baskets, porch pots and urns have been made
and we're shifting work to making close to
650 custom baskets over the next 2 weeks.....

Not pictured: Leaving work and frantically
cleaning all of the dirt off to head out to the
First Friday gallery openings where I have
pieces in 2 group shows.

At The Annex, talking with Diedre about
this oldie but goodie painting I put in for the
"Distillate" exhibit. I really hate it when
artists show old work---and here I am
doing just that! This painting is from 1992,
but it is the only work I had in my stacks
on short notice that was exactly 36"x24".
No one knows that I can paint like this,
so it was fun to surprise them.....

After doing First Friday, it's drinks with friends:
Boy Aaron and Girl Erin, recently married.

And me? Many friends went out dancing---
I went home to a cranky geriatric cat and much
needed sleep.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vessel Wednesday

Here is my addition to Vessel Wednesday, begun by
Needle's Edge on the other side of the world from me.

These are concrete planters I saw in a garden center
on the Big Island, Hawaii. Looking at this picture, which
I've printed and put on my fridge, makes me
feel calm and happy and anticipatory---I hope to
make one of these this summer!

Right now, I'm working long hours every day
at the greenhouses, then doing multiple errands,
then home at night to try to get some painting done,
all while falling far behind on cooking, cleaning, and
paying much needed attention to my husband and cat.

These are busy days. I'm scheduling a lot of tasks a
week ahead of time, just so I can feel some reasurance
that the whatever-it-is will be taken care of.

Most of my stress is due to the imminent installation
of my group show, "9 North." Everything is falling
into place quite well so far, but I still stress and worry.
It's in my nature.

My own work for this show is large and much different
in materials and scope than anything I've done before.
I spent some time and money at the hardware store
today investing in materials to create stabilizing frames
with 2"x2"s for the 4'x4' paintings. L brackets! Eye bolts!
Heavy gauge wire!

A funny thing....Fromage and I realized that there is
really no wall space in our house that can comfortably
house paintings of this size. My reaction: I hope they sell!

Seriously, though. I am just so tired after a full day of
planting flower baskets and hauling soil bales and
organizing my fellow basketeers and being on my feet
carrying plants around that it's very, very hard to
keep going after 5:00pm. I tell people that I work
at a greenhouse and they usually say "That sounds
so nice!" when really, my back aches, my feet hurt
and my hands are covered in callouses.
Hey---it's a lot better than many other jobs....I'll
stop complaining now.

Back to Vessel Wednesday...
I look at this picture and I think of summer and the
9 North exhibit being done and having some free time
to play around and make stuff like this.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Sketchbook

I live in a years-long series of sketchbooks. These are
very important books to me---not only a record of
art ideas, art in progress, art made...but also
a personal record of who I've been. They are
much more evocative and accurate as a personal
account than any written journal or diary could be.

I decorate these sketchbooks when I need to
start a new one. (I usually use Bienfang or Strathmore
for their size and good paper--also, not too expensive.)
The above book spans almost a year and a half.
Cut outs and collage materials for the covers
are from any and all nifty magazines I can get my hands on.
I am finding a lot of magazines at the Transfer Station
these days....endless, good, free source material!

When we moved into our house, we opened every box,
unpacked every crate and found there was a lot of stuff
we no longer needed/wanted, nor wished to burden our
house with. We set up a big bonfire in the yard and
burned old bills, journals, letters, art, etc. etc. We drank
a bottle of wine given to us for a wedding present and
had a fantastic time. Yes, I burned quite a few old
journals---the written kind. All of the sketchbooks
escaped our purge! I kept every one...even back to the
sloppy angst-ridden pages of my high school sketchbook.

The sketchbook from March '05-March '06.
I loved this cover, especially. It's very, very me.

Cover of the book I've just finished. I'm sad
to move on from this one because a lot has been
done, experienced and succeeded from this book!
I often have to go back through these pages
and reference old sketches, notes and information.

And, the newest book, begun March 31, 2007.
An ancient Japanese warrior's costume on the
front against a background of whales. Seemed
like a good idea at the time. Really though, the
colors and shapes thrilled me.

Back cover. Another example of my love
of the totally linear....