Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Birch Bark Hats are out in the world....

Both hats sold to Anchorage-based basket artist
Fran Reed this week. My first thought at the news
of their sale was a pang of loss---these pieces are
unusually precious and important to me. Knowing
that they're being bought by a fellow craftsperson
makes me feel much better about it.

And the best part....

The money from the sale will buy my plane
ticket to Penland to enjoy my scholarship!

Back to the studio to wrestle the current

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Big Blue is kicking my ass.

This painting came from a really powerful idea
with a deep, fathomless blue as the central point.

I've worked with this color before as the primary
basis for an artwork, with great success. Two of
my very favorite paintings from the last 2 years
are just this color.

I needed to figure out the dispersal pattern of
gold leaf 'bubbles' so cut out circles from yellow
construction paper (so cheap, so useful) to play
around with the composition. The picture above
shows a good idea....

I've laid down the gold leaf---not an easy material
to work with under any circumstances---and came
up with something that, well, wasn't right. It was
off. I'd missed the mark, somehow. I went for
about a week looking at this thing and knowing
I'd have to rework it in a major way, but being
VERY reluctant to un-do what I'd labored to make.

Such is life.
So goes art.....

Yesterday I spent the entire day in the studio
painting over the gold bubbles (painful!) and
laying down thin lines of gold leaf. Much better!
I feel like I've gotten back on track with this
painting....it's moving again and is 'in tune.'

But where did this 'Big Blue' idea come from?
I think I know my source....

This is a character from the FABULOUS
(and sadly, now defunct) sci-fi TV series,
"Farscape." This is Pau'u Zotoh Zhaan, a
Delvian Priestess and murderess, played
by Australian actress Virginia Hey.

I've been re-watching some older episodes
and I think the color and costume of this
character sunk in. If you haven't seen Farscape,
it's worth it for the special effects and
extravagant science fiction creatures. It
makes all of the Star Trek shows look like
Yuppies in Space.


Artistic inspiration can come from many sources.....