Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hard at work...

Hours in the studio everyday...

Two weeks until the opening!

The blue painting is done, so the red painting has
taken it's place to kick my ass. Something about
it just won't come together!

I'm making two smaller pieces for the show, as
well, in addition to the four 48"x48" square paintings.
The two smaller ones feel more like....fillers.
I'll see how I feel about them when they're done.

On a more relaxing note,
the first Brugmansia blossom of the year.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Art update....again.....and again

The Big Blue is FINALLY finished....
Is this still the title? No, I'm titling it, "Blue Fall."
(The big blue is the ocean....dis ain't about da ocean...)

In my own personal painting parlance, "fall" often
means my understanding of how memories of
change over time. As we travel further and further
away from particular events, our understanding
and viewpoint of them can change radically.

Deep, huh?

This picture is the painting sitting in the hard, directional
light coming into my studio this morning. I feel like
this painting really asked a lot, and I wasn't able to
give it everything it needed when it needed it.

This all may sound a little strange....
but it's true.

The painting thus ends up lacking a certain
"oomph" that the original idea had. To get
all the "oomph" into a painting, one has to
start out with a real doozie of an idea, begin
it with confidence and skill and stick with it,
all mental and emotional instruments trained
on it's ever-subtly-shifting development.

Hey artists, could I say it any better?

As many of you know, I'm madly finishing this
work for my exhibit, "9 North: Multimedia Alaskan
Perspectives" opening up in two and a half weeks.
Like I've said, this is my brainchild---a show I've
organized and curated to bring together several
multi-media artists into one exhibit to showcase
how radically differently we all make art with
diverse materials.

There is just a little more work to go for my own stuff.....
I don't like cutting it this close!
I like having things done by now---days, weeks
ahead of time. I don't like being rushed near
the end of a project.

This process has been hampered by some
serious winter doldrums that set in around
January and didn't let up until I got back from

I'll just blame it on that, shall I?

Regardless, show opens on May 4th and I'll be
exhibiting six paintings, four of them being 4'x4'
each---the biggest paintings I've ever done.
So far, I think they all have good presence and good, my "Decisions" piece, is the
most powerful. (In my humble opinion.) Who
knows what viewers will think......

Today, I was taking some good pix of all the
paintings in the clear, bright light out on the
deck and I began wondering how this work will
be received. There is such potential for elation or
disaster. Every show has the chance to lift my
spirit or crush my soul...and I never know which
it will be. For an uber-planner like moi, this is a hard
future to NOT be able to arrange for.

I've left art shows feeling like my heart was
made of pure joy, everything in tune and beautiful...

....and I've left art shows knowing
that if I can just make it to the car unseen,
I can cry my eyes out in relative privacy.

You just never know....

Here's a shot of my crowded studio. I'm gradually moving
things out, trying to gain a little space for myself and the
growing body of art. Painting on the easel will be titled,
"Red Year" and it has to do with multiple decisions made
over a period of's about how we often make
decisions that seem the same, yet each will give a
subtly different outcome.

...again with the deep stuff....

I spent 14 hours painting last weekend.
This weekend, I think the total is at 12.
I've cut down my hours at work and get in
between 2-4 hours of painting in almost
every evening.

So far, so good.

If only I painted with this intensity and focus more often....