Friday, June 29, 2007

Mileage, Friday...

Hardly readable in this photo, but the sign says
"Dog Team Crossing."

So Alaskan...

Mileage on the bicycle today: 36 miles! My personal best
so far. I am learning a few things very quickly, however,
as these rides get longer.....

1. The big, knobby mountain bike tires are more
hindrance than help.

2. I want a roadbike!

3. Alaskan roads suck---they are all chip seal and
broken pavement. I knew that, if course...but after 20 miles,
it really hits the most sincere sense.

And now, beer and food at my friend Leslie's cabin...
I think I could eat an entire moose.

First, Fromage and I will do a little bike shopping.
It's handy to have a resident expert in all things cycling...

Thursday, June 28, 2007


June 28th:
16 miles at 8:00 am
15 miles at 1:00pm
31 miles total for the day.

Making cookies at midnight and drinking a margarita....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kayaking Resurrection in Seward

Resurrection Bay, Seward, AK. Fromage and I went 500
miles South for a bit of scenery, camping and sea kayaking.

Since returning from Penland, I'm a little obsessed with
traveling, seeing new places, new people, having new ideas,
thoughts, experiences. So..... we packed the car and took off.

Sadly, the weather wasn't too compromising, as it rained almost
the entire time....wet tent, damp sleeping bags....we took refuge
in a tea shop for hours on Sunday evening....

We took a guided day trip with Miller's Landing. We
figured that taking a class and renting the boats and
equipment, plus figuring out an itinerary would take
quite a lot of time and effort. Instead, we just paid
for a guide to take us out for the day and show us
the sights. I'd love some kayaking lessons, but in
light of our short 4 day trip....easier to just jump
in the boats and take off.

The day before kayaking, we hiked and explored a bit.
Here's a shot of Exit Glacier and the river floodplain. The hiking
trails around here are ridiculously easy....although we didn't
take the trail up the mountain to the Harding Ice fields.....
that would've been a good hike. There were loads of tourists
all over Seward, distinctive for their very new, very clean
clothes and squeaky-new hiking boots. I realized
that we just don't get that volume of tourists up in the
interior of AK.....

We did find a couple of letterboxes whilst in the area....
One was in a pretty populated place and we had to be
quite sly and sneaky to get it, stamp it, and return it without
anyone seeing us. Tricky! But successful....I made my mark.

Another view of one of my personal versions of Heaven.

I love kayaking because the boat becomes an extension
of the body and I get to become a little sea-going pod. Also,
it's so close to the part of it, rather than
sitting up on it, even as in a canoe. Also, I am the motor,
no engine noise! We saw harbor porpoises, harbor seals,
sea lions, many different sea birds, a fistfull of bald
eagles and one whopping Lion's Mane jellyfish floating
serenely (and poisonously) beneath the surface of the
water. Kind of an apricot color.....long, angel hair
tendrils flowing out from it.

Now---back home. Time to seriously attend to my
studio and all the tasks there.....

....and ride another 20 miles today......