Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cycling, not art...

Went for a brisk 15 mile ride with my former co-worker
and fellow blogger Jam Jibberish. She has a hot new roadbike
as well...and a pace to deserve it! Her average is around 18mph.
(Mine is around 15...) It's great to get out with fellow cyclists who
are ahead of me in ability and knowledge---it keeps me
striving to move forward in my own efforts at this sport.

My cycling friend Sara T, with whom I seem to share
the exact same pace. As we toil up a hill together, often
I hear us shift gears at the exact same moment. She has
great knowledge of all things touring. She's also
an accomplished artist and printmaker...check out
her website....
We did about 35 miles this morning. An excellent ride.
Good pace, good conversation.
She's pretty sure she can do 1/2 of my Century+ ride
with me.

(I say 'Century+' because I checked a map,
and my planned route is 114 miles....not 100.....)

It'll be especially good to have her on that last leg,
because I'll need some encouragement and
companionship and distraction, etc., at the end, there....

In other cycling newness---I made the jump to clipless pedals!
Fromage put a pair of "frogs" on Sheila that he says he used
while winning the Alaska Mountain Bike championships several
years ago. The first time I tried the shoes/clips out, I didn't
like them.

'What's the big deal? What's the point?' I thought.

Now that I've ridden a few hills with them, I get it....
extra power as you pull up on the pedal and more
efficient pedalling, overall. Very cool.

Plus, on a totally girly note, the powder blue stitching
on the shoes matches Sheila.......aawwwww.....

While riding with Julie the other day, she made the
astute observation that my blog is now more about cycling
than about art! So true! I find that I tend to go in cycles of
work and interests.....

During the spring, I was focused and obsessed with art and
with painting production for my exhibit "9 North."
I need to get back to the studio, but I've finally allowed
myself a reality check on my astounding procrastination
the reason?
The revelation?

It's a beautiful summer.
I hate being indoors.

That's it.

So---in light of that, I have given myself a deadline---
or rather, a starting line.
I will get back to the studio as of August 1st. No later!
Until then, I will spend every waking minute outside
on my bike, in the garden, on the river, in the woods.....
I can f&%* off and do WHATEVER I WANT for just a little

nose to the grindstone.

Heck, it's only a week......

Monday, July 23, 2007

Life is good

Caught this little guy peering in...

Sheila and I taking a break.
I rode 38 miles out to a friend's old cabin near
Chatanika. A steep climb up to Cleary Summit.

I'm still averaging only 12 miles an hour or so.
Sheila and I kick ass on the flats, but I am only
slow and steady on the hills....
This bodes ill for our Century ride, as it will take
that many more hours to complete.

The old road to the cabin, now completely overgrown.
Something was shuffling around in the brush off the
side of the road...or two somethings? Most likely
moose, although we never caught a glimpse of them.

Fireweed at the entrance of the road. The saying
is that when the blossoms reach the top of the spike,
summer is over. Not too far to go! Another sign of impending
autumn is that we've recently had about 1/2 hour of almost
darkness at night. Yikes...
Summer goes so fast.

I have a special place in my heart for Fireweed---it was
my wedding flower! I picked my bridal boquet from
along the roadside.