Monday, August 13, 2007


My Century ride has been.....delayed? I hope that is all.
I went on a 50 mile ride last Friday and around mile 20,
I had to spend some time laying in a ditch by the side of
the road in an attempt to ease the now ever-present
abdominal pain. This returning stomach ache is crippling me!

I was able to limp towards home, but the pain kept returning.
No real pedaling was possible, so I just coasted where I
could and walked, pushing Sheila along. I made it to my
work, where I waited for Fromage to come and pick me

Urgh! I can't describe how frustrated I am---after 8 weeks
of cycling and training...
When I got home from my failed 50 miler, I just sat down
and had a good cry.

Good thing is that this is my own personal goal and not a race
or an event....I can change the date to whenever I want, for
whenever I am fully ready (before it gets too cold, that is...).

I'm telling myself that my goal is just delayed....

I'm biting the bullet and going to various doctors without
any medical insurance. One test I'm taking costs more
than Sheila! Damn it!

Best case scenario: it's a food allergy or food intolerance.
Worst case scenario: it's a fetal alien spawn maturing in my guts
and soon it'll fight it's way out ala 'Aliens.'
(Which is what it feels like when the stomach ache is in full swing!)

In other news.....

The studio is a total mess.....