Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Guts Are Good.....

...but I still get stomach aches.

A week and a half and $1,000.00 of medical costs
later, I know that my abdominal pains aren't anything
By serious, I mean tumors, cancer, etc.

Good to know.
What is unknown is why I have them at all. Urgh!
A reason would present some form of solution!

Luckily, I've combined some 'western' medicine with
homeopathic care, and I think the natural Dr. may be
on the right track.

As far as cycling goes, I haven't done much. A 20 mile
ride last Sunday felt pretty good, with only 2 times needing
to get off the bike and walk for a bit to ease the tummy---
but no laying in ditches! Improvement!
(Still, it was a slow ride, knowing that ache was going to hit...sooooooo frustrating.)

In life outside of guts and cycling:
Art! I'm putting together stretcher bars for a new series of
paintings and eagerly awaiting the creations of my
art-collaborator Bugheart. We're entering 2 pieces into
"Synthesis," the group exhibit to accompany the Arctic
Science Conference in Anchorage.

Cooking a lot...
Harvesting the garden before the temps get too low...
Tomatoes, basil, jalapenos, hungarian yellow wax peppers,
carrots, leeks....and a few malformed brussel sprouts that the
moose didn't eat.

A slow couple of weeks.

I miss cycling.
I miss riding for hours and hours everyday.