Thursday, September 20, 2007

Progress apace....

This is the favored choice for the Bones Show postcard. The gallery owner is happy that I'm making posters/flyers to distribute around town. This isn't the standard MO for an art show, but regardless of how small this town is, the societies tend to get a little segregated. A lot of arty folks go to art shows, natch. I'm hoping to bring in some new people, some fresh faces, and posters in public places may accomplish that.

So far, 25 artists are confirmed and have sent in their work dimensions. Rough estimate puts the show at about 35 pieces. It's not a huge gallery, and the owner says it might be a little crowded----and I say, better crowded than empty! Over the past year, I've contacted (or attempted to contact) over 50 Alaskan artists for this exhibit. As a curator, this is all part of the effort. For the 50 folks I'd hoped to invite, 25 have come through. This is just how it shakes down with group shows, it seems. There is always a contingent that can't come through at the last mile of the race, for whatever reason.

The artwork is taking a lot of forms: one artist, Mary Matthews, has made a HUGE walk-in sculpture incorporating x-rays. It's pretty fascinating. Given the inherent nature of the subject and it's usual connotations (DEATH), I am really looking forward to seeing how the artists each interpreted the theme....

Let's just hope the show isn't too dark and depressing.

Today, Fromage is out in the wilds of Alaska, measuring the landscape. Moi, I have a day with the house to myself (Yay!) and plan to spend a good part of it in the studio, with a brief foray out to play with Sheila.

Dark, dark, dark this morning. I'm still not used to it, after 3 months of solid daylight.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back on the Bike

Woke up early yesterday and read the news, read some blogs, then spent some time reading the fabulous blog of Dirt Diva. What a lady! What an athlete! It was a foggy, cold morning and so beautiful---I wanted to be out in it. Dirt Diva was just the inspiration I needed to get off my ass.

As many of you know, I was training for a century ride this summer that got derailed due to some health problems. I think about that ride every day....I look at Sheila and feel utterly heartbroken. (It's easy to look at Sheila frequently because I keep her safe and warm in the livingroom. Fromage is okay with this....he understands.) 8 Weeks of training! I decided yesterday morning that I just needed to ride....

The photo above is the road from my house...

Sheila's view...

I'm searching the web for a women's specific, steel frame touring bike. Haven't found ANYTHING so far. URgh. Any cyclists out there have suggestions??

Sheila is aluminum and very comfortable....Fromage asked why I wouldn't fix her up for touring and I honestly told him, "I don't want to get her all scratched up!" Touring is hard on a bike...I'd rather do it with a bike that is made for it.

The view above the river----mysterious fog, quiet morning---about +45F. (Thanks to the generous gifts of Bike & Beer, I was toasty warm!)

Pond along the road. Quiet and still. Not too many cars out that early. I did see one other cyclist out. We gave each other big smiles and waves. 16.4 miles total. My legs felt like they could've gone all day.

Today---+37 this morning! Winter is on it's way. If I can't cycle for much longer, I can definitely look forward to the ski season. Ahhhh......skiing! (I've tried winter cycling....not for me! I don't have the talents of Up In Alaska...)