Saturday, October 06, 2007

Opening Night: A big success!

Here is a shot of the lower gallery with the huge crowd that showed up last night. The gallery owner and I heard endless praise for the show and many artists I hadn't formally met before stopped to shake my hand and congratulated me on a great exhibit. The juror and I handed out the meat prizes in a small, informal ceremony---the crowd loved seeing the meat awards and even gave a collective "ooooooohhhhh!" when showed the gourmet smoked salmon given to the 2nd place winner, Fran Reed.

Although the above photo doesn't illustrate it well, throughout the night there was a patient line of people waiting to take their turn in the walk in grave! Several people told me it was creepy. Several children refused to go in there! Lots of folks thought it was a nifty piece of art.

At one point, the gallery was so crowded that the gallery owner considered controlling the door---making sure some people left before more people could come it. It really was a huge turnout! I think out ad campaign worked well---lots of posters, postcards and emails. Also, I did a radio interview for the exhibit on KUAC which aired on a repeating news segment. That story got picked up by the state wide program, Alaska Public Radio News. That was fabulous advertising for the gallery and exhibit. To listen to the radio story, click HERE. The Bones Show interview is inside 'Friday's Newscast' by Dan Bross. Click on the "Listen MP3" ---it takes a couple of minutes to load.

(You'll first get to listen to a story about the controversy happening over the Stampede Trail bus, site of Chris McCandless's starvation---recent subject of a movie, "Into the Wild" based on John Krakauer's book of the same name. Alaskan's are sooooo frustrated by this whole thing....)

The only downside to the show was the lack of sales. In setting up a show in a commercial gallery, I do want to make sure that the owner is happy too, and this means revenue. Well, I still hope for sales throughout the rest of the month that the show is up.....

I woke this morning to a slight hangover---I only had TWO margaritas!---and a light dusting of snow on the world. Right now, it's snowing in slow, lazy fat flakes. This looks like a snow to stick. Hello winter.....

It seems like a magical confluence....the show opening, finish of a massive project, now a new day and a new season.

And now for the funny art photo...

Here is Da-ka-xeen installing his whale jaw bones.....what a grip he has! And an adoring fan, too!

(I won't print her name, she'd kill me! Suffice to say she's a good friend and a very accomplished artist and you can admire her beautiful work HERE.)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Show is Up!

One year of planning, 35 artists, 50 artworks!
View of the main room with halibut skin/moose rib basket by Anchorage artist Fran Reed in foreground.

Another view of the main room....

View of the gallery at entrance. My painting front and center---the benefits of curating the show!

Another view. Fragile, wall hung leg bone sculptures made of delicate wax sheets by artist Tina Shih visible on the far wall.

View of the lower room with central sculpture by Da-ka-xeen Mehner. These are 10' long whale jawbones in steel armatures fabricated by the artist. Their placement is to mimic the grave markers in the traditional cemetery that Daka saw in Pt. Hope, AK.

Visible in the background is a corner of the walk-in, free standing grave by Mary Matthews.

Overall, the installation went well. The juror does his work tomorrow morning and I'll purchase the meat prizes immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, I'm not able to give moose or caribou as awards due to lack of a source! Still, I'm secretly glad as giving wild meat as a prize sort of rides the edge of legality regarding Alaskan wild game laws. The artists will have to be happy with store bought meats...

Tomorrow is opening night!

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Money in Hand!

Just received my check from the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation for the Connie Boochever Artist Fellowship....

$2,500.00 shmackeroos in my hot little hand.

I am really, really thankful and happy about this!

An honor, a bonus and a blessing....


Stands for "Get Shit Done."
My newest mantra...

Stretching canvases,
Taking care of last minute show preparation,
Gessoing large boards for painting,
Hauling wonderful amounts of firewood scavenged from our property,
Figuring out the approach for my Master's degree work....

+39F today and the bite of snow is in the air....