Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of Year

The hibernating Brugmansia got shanghaied to be our Christmas tree this year. I think it likes the warmth of the lights. Barren branches with nary a green sprig. As the daylight makes an appreciable return in February, it'll wake up and send forth the first green of the year. The secret to Brugmansia happiness? FERTILIZER. This tropical tree is what gardeners call a 'heavy feeder.' Along with my Alocasia and Passionflower plants, the Brug will get a consistant, yummy dose of organic fertilizer all summer and will treat us to a bounty of 12" long pink blossoms in thanks.

The newest painting in process. While working on this, I keep asking myself the deep, analytical question, "What the Hell am I doing?" I don't know where this new direction is taking me----I couldn't have predicted this change in my painting style if I had tried. Also, it is light years away from the painting style I feel like I should be making!! But hey---it's fun, right? In this strange, cartoonish endeavor, I'm pretending I'm an explorer, and I'm open to just about whatever I may find. Of course, what I discover may be some bad press and disparaging reviews from art patrons.....I just have to see what the reactions are. For the most part, I don't worry about viewer/public reaction too much.

Just. Gotta. Paint.