Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Art

Happy New Year!

Some fun images from my newest painting----This one crossed the border from 2007 to 2008...

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Acrylic on wood


I've got some ideas about what these corruscating herds of The Shape mean. I think of them as 'fruiting bodies,' although what that may mean in a larger, symbolic sense, I don't know.

The lines are very important, although I have a feeling they are just making a transitory appearance in my work. (But who can really be sure? I thought The Shape was a plaything for a summer----the joke was on me...) Tell me what you think of them before I reveal my ideas!

And here is a little fun with Photoshop, making a cool blue painting into a hot sunset of an images. So fun....

New Years Day: Framed this painting, cleaned house (badly needed) watered the orchid farm, and went skiing for 1.5 hours in actual daylight. Real sunlight! It was amazing....

Good Luck in 2008!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years....reprisal...

Berry picking adventures with friends and dogs this past Autumn....

So...It's time to talk New Years Resolutions again.
I hope I didn't resolve to "be more organized" because it looks like I lost my carefully crafted (and agonizingly long) list of goals and resolutions for 2007....so, can't reference the entire list...

But I have this! This list was in my blog post on January 2nd, '07. I've added some comments on the level of success I acheived with each...

Learn Diving...on my list for about 3 years now...
-----Okay, I get big points for trying this one. Whilst in HI last year, I went out on a boat to learn to dive....but got so unremittingly seasick that I had to bag the whole thing. When I say "seasick," I mean, wanting to die if I couldn't get back to land.....seasick. So--learning to dive is still on the list...it's just ammended with 'learning to dive with a beach entry...'

Go on a Bicycle Tour...why haven't I done this yet??
-----Well, I became an endurance cyclist last summer and logged some major hours and miles! Gold star for me! I see this goal happening easily this coming summer...

Be frugal again....which ties in with
Pay off debts as much as possible
-----Frugality systems are in place, paying off debts is happening. Check.

Make art website....about frikkin' time
-----Uh, I registered a site....I just haven't actually made the pages.....

Dress better....can I be more than a jeans and sweater girl?
-----Screw it. I am just a jeans and sweater and hiking boots girl.

Do more new things...because I rely on the familiar WAY TOO MUCH
-----Did some new things. I can't think of any right now, but I'm sure I did them.

Make some new friends...because all of my 'old' ones have scattered to the winds
-----New friends. Check.

And for 2008?
Many goals and ideas/hopes of cool things to do this year. One is that I'm going to build a greenhouse with scavenged windows and cement pony walls which I'll elaborately mosaic. FUN!

The only resolution?
Have more self-discipline and work harder at whatever I undertake.
Right now, that means kicking ass on the 15 paintings underway for my May solo exhibit.