Monday, February 25, 2008

...and more skiing!

Starting off---Fromage, and friends Scott and Anne Marie. We figured a 6-7 mile ski on various snowmachine, powerline and moose trails to get back to the Goldstream Dredge for a picnic. About +15F.

Old building along the Goldstream. Fromage thinks this is an old bathhouse. When we skied through here two years ago, the buildings still had roofs on them....someone's scavenged the corrugated tin.

During the day, we saw every animal track imaginable in the snow; Moose, rabbit, fox, mouse, marmot, grouse (or spruce hen?) and one that we just couldn't identify---not a dog, not a wolf, but not a lynx, either---or, at least I didn't think so. With the warmer weather, the critters are jumping around like mad out there. Only Fromage actually saw anything....a fat hare.

Intrepid skiiers....photoshoped. (The winter landscape begs for this kind of stuff.....)

Scott and Anne Marie brought along some lightly spiced, dried squid. It may sound like an odd snack for a ski outing, but it was WONDERFUL. Protein-y, chewy, salty goodness! Fromage and I brought cooked bacon on our Tolovana outing----now always to be refered to as 'sport bacon.' Sweet trail food just doesn't do it for me, hypoglycemic that I am. Squid! Genius!

We got pretty cold during the picnic in the pilot house of the dredge so we didn't linger too long. Sadly, the windows had all been broken out since we'd skied out there last. Damn vandals. Why can't they just appreciate a beautiful, rusting hunk of machinery in the wilderness?

Skiiing out. This dredge isn't as big as others I've been to. I like this one for it's remoteness---no roads lead to it.

And now?

I am finally making some progress in my studio. I may just be able to sneak past the art-block with stealth and tricky subterfuge....

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to make it past the art block too - I like your style of getting past it ... and from the subsequent entries - it looks like it worked. I love those old dredges - used to drive past one along the Steese! :) Very haunting.