Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Frozen Birthday

My 36th Birthday today! I wake to -33F, sunrise just starting on the horizon. I stoked up the wood stove, got my coffee.....

Of course, I must count my blessings. The rest of the town down in the vally is enjoying -47F and a thick blanket of ice fog.

Regardless of the cold, (or perhaps in challenge to it?) we're still going ahead with our ski expedition plans. 2 trips in the next month. Although my Artist's Block is holding steadily---and painfully---the creative freeze doesn't extend to my sewing machine. I've found several coats at the Transfer Station and have been using them to make insulated ski overboots and next, some ski pogies. The coats are an excellent idea, as they have shell material, insulation and lining all layered and ready to go.

I worked at Apocalypse Design, an outdoor gear manufacturer for awhile this winter, so I learned how all of these things were made. I am NOT copying their designs, I assure you! Firstly, I just don't have the sewing skills, or the tools to make the garments they do. (I also don't have the $$$ to buy their stuff...) I am making my own patterns by carefully measuring all of our various ski boots. Also, the coat material doesn't allow for generous cutting...I have to fit the pattern into the fabric, not the easier vise-versa. On my first pair of overboots, I cut the toe wrong, so when I sewed it and turned it right side out, I ended up with little pointy toes, like elf shoes! Allowing this to be a happy accident and willing to be bizarrely cute out there in the frigid ski trails, I sewed pale blue pom-poms to the toes. I am so funny!

So that is what I am doing today, my birthday....working on some fun sewing projects. Fromage says I need to leave some time free in the middle of the day.....but won't say what for. Hmmmm!


bugheart said...

i was just writing
the date down
realized it
was your birthday!!!
i am sorry
i didn't get
a package in the mail
been studying...
end of february-
you'll get
something good!
hope you have
a great birthday...
wish i was there
to take
you out to thai
and have
tea and cake.

Carson said...

Happy Birthday Eero :)
like the new banner....
what's a ski pogie?

Eero said...

Oh---A ski pogie (also known as a ski toastie) is like a glove that fits over the top of your ski pole. You just slip your hand into it. With these, you don't need to wear heavy gloves, just light ones. Pogies/toasties are best when skiing in very, very cold conditions, or when you need to get your hands out of your ski straps/gloves frequently, OR if your hands just don't do well with heavy layers of gloves...

I'll post a picture of one when I make 'em!


Karen Travels said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it is a great one, even in the brrr....freezing temps.


joe shlichta said...

happy birthday.
36 is a good number.
means you have made it past
most of the obstacles you are likely to face, although i am sure more are likely to come.
no tiny brushes.
shame you cant see it in person.
have fun on the ski trip.

Martha Marshall said...

Happy birthday, eero! The ski trip sounds like great fun. Enjoy!

Eero said...

Thanks, everyone!
I had a great birthday.
It warms my heart to have blogger friends out there!

Keep warm,

Nick Hogg said...

I know this post is about 10 years old, and your blog doesn't seem to have been updated for several years, but I'm really curious about the overboots you made so it's worth a comment even if it doesn't get answered.

I've searched and searched the Internet for anyone using synthetic-insulated overboots. It seems some Scandinavian companies used to make some, and Apocalypse Design does make them but they're pricey and I couldn't find any customer reviews.

Anyways, I'm wondering how the ones you made functioned. I ski with leather telemark boots and I have this dream of being able to ski around all day, and throw on some overboots when I arrive (back) at camp to keep my feet warm and possibly dry out a little.
Thank you for for inspiring me to make my own overboots, and for any information you may be able to provide. I know you made the overboots during an artistic block, but I think you MYOG projects are art in themselves.